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18-metre bus flown from Italy to Kazakhstan on IL-76 cargo charter

Chapman Freeborn recently completed an urgent outsize cargo charter to airlift an 18-metre-long Iveco city bus from Turin, Italy to Astana in Kazakhstan for a public parade.

The 20-ton vehicle was transported in an Ilyushin IL-76 freighter chartered by our cargo team.

The main challenge of this airlift operation was the loading of the oversized cargo as the hold was only marginally bigger than the bus.

However, our team assured the successful operation thanks to the high accuracy of the data supplied by Iveco.

The loadmasters were able to reduce the angle of the aircraft’s extension ramp using special loading equipment to allow the bus to drive safely onboard

The vehicle fitted perfectly into the IL-76 freighter, leaving just enough room to take on board the loading ramp.

Pierre van der Stichele, group cargo operations director at Chapman Freeborn, said:

“Chapman Freeborn holds a great relationship with Iveco Torino and its freight forwarder, Ventana Serra Spa. We work together closely to deliver professional and efficient logistics solutions.”

The request was only received four days before the delivery date. Despite bad weather conditions, we managed to deliver the consignment to Astana on time.

Upon arrival in the Kazakhstan capital, the bus was presented to officials from the government and the Astana municipality authorities.


Photos appear courtesy of Volga-Dnepr Airlines. An Ilyushin IL-76TD-90VD was arranged for the outsize cargo charter from Turin to Astana.