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5 places to visit in Mexico

Mexico is home to more than 120 million people and is an incredibly popular place to visit for those looking for a sunshine destination. Across the country, Mexico’s landscape varies massively and has everything from white sandy beaches to towering mountains, barren deserts and lush, verdant jungles. Whether you want to laze on the beach or by a pool for a week, discover Mayan temples and ruins, (or a little bit of both), there’s bound to be a Mexican destination to suit you.

1. Cancun

Cancun is located on the Yucatan Peninsula and is best known for the pristine beaches, sprawling resorts and buzzing nightlife.

The downtown area of Cancun has a much more traditional feel, with quaint cantinas, market stalls and plenty of local people. Then, there’s the so-called Hotel Zone, where you’ll find all the best hotels, resorts, beaches, shops, shopping malls, nightclubs and more.

2. Tulum

Explore Mexico’s rich Mayan history in Tulum, located on the Caribbean coast around 90 minutes from Cancun. Sitting high on the dramatic cliffs you’ll find the ruins of the Mayan civilisation that was thriving up to around 1,000 years ago. Within the site, be sure not to miss El Castillo, the Temple of the Frescoes, and the Temple of the Descending God.

3. Puerto Vallarta

This picture-perfect resort town on the Pacific coast is the ideal place for those who want to get away from it all. The adorable cobbled streets of the centre of Puerto Vallarta are perfect for exploring on foot, where there is a range of architecture to admire and pretty shops to browse.

4. Mexico City

Mexico City is the capital of the country and the most populous city in Mexico, home to more than 25 million people. The city centre has a colonial feel, thanks to the charming architecture and layout created during a period of Spanish rule. Visitors to Mexico City shouldn’t miss the National Museum of Anthropology, the extensive Basilica de Guadalupe, Chapultepec and Zocalo plaza.

5. Puebla

Puebla is believed by some to be like Mexico City on a smaller scale. It is filled with wonderful, colonial architecture that is remarkably well-preserved, with more than 1,000 buildings covered in painted ceramic tiles known as azulejos. There are also more than 70 churches in the city centre itself, with many more in surrounding areas.

Puebla also has a long and interesting culinary history, with plenty of superb restaurants and fantastic street food. One local favourite is the taca arabe, containing marinated pork filled with flavour and served on a flat bread. Simple and delicious.

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