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A warm welcome to Muscat

Muscat might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of a luxury break, but it is becoming increasingly popular and with good reason. The capital of Oman, Muscat is located within a beautiful serene port, surrounded by mountains and with a few high-rise buildings. All buildings are required to reflect tradition in Muscat, so most are adorned with dome or arabesque windows. This makes it an extremely attractive city and one that is a pleasure to explore.

Enjoy being a tourist

Oman was one of the last countries in the world to welcome tourists, not doing so until 1983. Even today not many tourists visit, preferring instead to head to the dizzying sights of Dubai or Abu Dhabi, but those who do visit are rewarded. During your time in Muscat you may find yourself feeling like the only tourist around to admire all Muscat has to offer.

Dive into culture

Learn more about the culture of Oman at the National Museum of the Sultanate where the aim is to ensure the country’s heritage is appreciated and understood by those who visit. Within the 14,000 square metres, visitors can view artefacts from Oman dating back to prehistoric times and chart Oman’s history from discovery to the modern day.

Muscat is home to the Royal Opera House which opened in 2011 and where you’ll find performances to rival anywhere around the world. There are also several wonderful galleries to discover, including Al Madina Art Gallery, Bait Muzna and MuscArt Gallery.

Head to the beach

When you think of Oman you might not immediately think of glorious sandy beaches, but that is exactly what you’ll find. There is a stretch of almost 200 kilometres of beach from Muscat all the way to the border with the United Arab Emirates to the northwest.

Flavours of Oman

Oman’s position within the world map has meant that its food enjoys an interesting blend of Arabian and Indian influences. In the majority of restaurants you’ll find Indian curries as well as Middle Eastern meze, kebabs, flatbread and shwarma.

Most hotels in Muscat have restaurants located within them and you won’t find many luxury restaurants elsewhere. Aside from hotel restaurants, most places serve up traditional dishes in a casual atmosphere.

Travel to Muscat by chartering a private jet with Chapman Freeborn. Muscat International Airport is located just over eight miles from the city and we would be delighted to organise your private jet requirements.