Antonov AN-225 | The world’s largest aircraft

Antonov AN-225

Interesting facts and stats about the world’s largest aircraft

At Chapman Freeborn we regularly charter aircraft of all shapes and sizes. From rotary-wing executive aircraft, turboprops and VLJs to wide-body freighters and outsize heavy lifters. We’ve supported projects like the Solar Impulse and have facilitated world tours for global megastars.

We’ve been in the aircraft charter business for nearly 50 years and our global offices have seen it all. However, there is one aircraft that still sparks genuine excitement whenever it flies – The Antonov AN-225.

Developed as part of by the Antonov Design Bureau in the 1980s, the AN-225 comes equipped with six turbofan engines, a wingspan of 88m and a weight of 285,000kg – earning it the title of the world’s heaviest aircraft.

The Antonov fills a particularly niche gap in the charter market, often allowing single loads that would have been split and transported on multiple aircraft. It’s big, heavy and some may say a little ugly, but it has a place in our heart.

We have created an infographic below to highlight some of the Antonov AN-225’s impressive stats and facts. If you like the post, feel free to share this page!