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Berlin: a city on the up

Berlin has become one of Europe’s most popular city break destinations within the last few years and has seen an enormous surge in visitor numbers. The number of international tourists visiting Berlin is growing twice as fast as the German average. So what exactly is it that makes Berlin so popular with visitors?


Image courtesy of Noud W.

Berlin is a city steeped in history, both recent and not so recent. It was not so long ago a city in turmoil thanks to the separation of East and West with the divide of The Berlin Wall.

History is all over the city for those who are interested, and a visit to the remaining parts of The Berlin Wall are a must for anyone who wishes to try to understand the full extent of the situation there.


Image courtesy of Trouni

Berlin is world-renowned for its lively, quirky and pulsating nightlife, which draws fun loving visitors from all over to join its revelling residents.

It’s not unusual for Berliners (and brave visitors) to go to a party or nightclub on a Friday afternoon and continue the party until daylight on Sunday and there are places that specialise in exactly this.


Image courtesy of sasha

Berlin is one of Europe’s best cities to visit in summer, as the residents really try to make the most of the warm weather and light summer nights after incredibly cold, dark winters that appear to be never-ending once you’re in the midst of them.

You’ll find pop up beaches on riverbanks in the middle of the city, beer gardens filled with people and plenty of open-air live music and artistic and creative events dotted throughout Berlin in the summer months.

Street art

Image courtesy of hbieser

Berlin is the place to be if you’re a lover of original and inspired street art, as it can be seen all throughout the city. From the large, iconic murals painted proudly on the remains of the Berlin Wall, to random alleyways sprayed with colourful messages, designs and political stances, you’re sure to find plenty to feast your eyes upon. Don’t forget your camera!


Image courtesy of Rainer Z

German food isn’t for everyone, but a trip to Berlin simply wouldn’t be complete without sampling some currywurst and schnitzel.

Join the crowds at the iconic Curry 52 for your currywurst and you’ll find schnitzel on offer all throughout the city. If you’re feeling really brave you can opt for the true Berliner schnitzel made from cow udder at Restauration 1990. Definitely not one for the feint hearted.

Getting there

Berlin is serviced by multiple airports, such as the nearby Berlin Schoenefeld Airport, Berlin Tegel Airport and Schonhagen Airport, which is slightly further away. Contact Chapman Freeborn today to charter a private jet to Berlin and see what the fuss about the city is for yourself.