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Boeing predicts soaring demand for highly-trained aviation professionals

If you’re considering a career in aviation you might be interested in a new market forecast released by Boeing earlier this week.

The US aircraft manufacturer says that global economic expansion and the delivery of tens of thousands of new aircraft in the next 20 years will lead to an unprecedented demand for highly-trained aviation professionals.

The 2012 Boeing Pilot & Technician Outlook projects a need for approximately one million new pilots and maintenance technicians by 2031 – and there are concerns in the industry that aviation growth in some regions will outpace skills development.

According to the Boeing report, the Asia Pacific region continues to present the largest projected growth in pilot demand, with a requirement for 185,600 new pilots. This is more than the European and North American figures combined (requirements for 100,900 and 69,000 new pilots respectively).

The Asia Pacific region also leads the demand for new commercial aircraft deliveries over the next two decades and it’s predicted that nearly half of the world’s air traffic growth will be driven by travel to, from, or within the region by 2031.

Charter companies like Chapman Freeborn are also seeing increased demand in the Asia Pacific region and we anticipate this growth will continue as the general aviation market expands (in addition to established offices in China, Singapore and India we also opened up in Australia recently – making us the first international broker to establish its own presence in Australasia).

You can read the full Boeing report here