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Britons can now freely visit 47 more countries, as the UK’s travel ‘red list’ reduces

South Africa is one of the countries that has been removed from the UK’s travel ‘red list’ this week, which is excellent news for those wishing to experience all this diverse country has to offer over the coming months.

The red list has reduced from 54 countries to just 7, meaning that Britons can now travel to 47 more countries without having to spend £2,285 per person on a 10-day hotel quarantine upon their return.

Fully vaccinated travellers now only need to take a PCR test on day 2 of their arrival back in the UK, and can otherwise return straight back to their normal lives. Unvaccinated travellers (including those who have had one dose of a two-dose vaccine) stills need to isolate upon arrival in the UK, but can do so in their own home or where they are staying. They must take a PCR test on day 2 and day 8.

As we head into November, December and January, South Africa is the ideal place to visit for a winter beach holiday. The coastline is hot by day and cooler by night, and you may even be lucky to have your trip coincide with the loggerhead and leatherback turtle nesting season.

But when you think of South Africa your mind is more likely to go to safari, and the latest news about the red list means that you can begin planning your safari holiday now with peace of mind and the knowledge that you can come straight home by just showing your proof of vaccination.

As we head into spring in the northern hemisphere, the optimal safari season will begin. With it brings dry weather that encourages animals to congregate at watering holes, resulting in reliable and predictable viewing spots. This, coupled with the bush dying back to reveal the landscape more clearly, makes it an excellent time to visit South Africa for a safari holiday and provides the greatest chance of seeing an abundance of wildlife.

Flying to South Africa for safari often requires stopovers, which as well as being time-consuming and somewhat inconvenient, also presents the issue of increasing the number of people you must come into contact with. Chapman Freeborn, however, can arrange a charter flight that takes you straight to the reserve of your choice, as we can access private airstrips as well as main airports.

Get in touch with our Passenger Team today by emailing and celebrate the world opening up by arranging your trip to South Africa.