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Cape Verde Atlantic adventure | Private jet charter

Cape Verde (Cabo Verde to locals) is an archipelago of 10 volcanic islands, located in the Atlantic some 500km off the coast of Senegal, West Africa. The islands’ stunning beaches, lunar landscapes, morna music and mix of Brazilian, African and Portuguese influences make it a fascinating holiday destination.

Praia, Santiago

Santiago is Cape Verde’s largest island and has a varied landscape, from rugged mountains and dry steppes to idyllic sandy beaches. The island’s capital is Praia and with around 100,000 inhabitants it’s a typical bustling metropolis, but it has much to offer visitors. The centre of the old town has beautiful colonial architecture around the Praça Alexandra de Albuquerque – the city’s largest square. The Nossa Senhora das Graças church, the presidential palace and parliament building, as well as the Mercado de Sucupira flea market are all worth visiting.

Praia beaches

We recommend you head to Praia Prainha or the Quebra Canela for the best beaches in Praia. Or visit Quebra Canela, close to Prainha. Santiago’s music festival takes place at the Praia da Gamboa beach. It’s not recommended for swimming however, so a day trip to Tarrafal in the north of Santiago is a better option. This palm-fringed bay is ideal for water sports and there’s a charming fishing harbour to explore, as well as a weekly market and a Baroque church, all set against a beautiful mountain backdrop.

Cidade da Ribeira Grande de Santiago

Santiago’s former capital lies a few miles west of Praia and boasts a beautiful clifftop fortress, the Forte Real de São Felipe. It’s a stunning UNESCO protected heritage site with rebuilt traditional houses and the oldest colonial church in the world, the Nossa Senhora do Rosário.

Pico do Fogo

The most volcanically active of all Cape Verde’s islands, Fogo is home to the awe-inspiring Pico do Fogo. At a height of 2,829m it’s an active volcano that last erupted in 2014.  It’s a tough climb to the top but you’ll be rewarded with spectacular views of the massive lava fields and the ocean. Relax on the coast at São Filipe after your climb.

Sal Island

Largely flat, Sal Island is completely covered in sand and was once a centre for salt mining. Thanks to strong trade winds, the island is now a mecca for surfers and windsurfers. The island’s capital, Espargos is home to the airport, while divers will love the underwater caves and reefs to the north of Palmeira – just west of Espargos. Visit Santa Maria for surf shops, traditional restaurants and relaxing al fresco dining. For a salty sea float visit Pedra Lume, a volcanic crater filled with sea salt.

Local Cape Verdean Cuisine

Cape Verde is a Creole foodie paradise, mixing fresh fish and seafood with African and Brazillian spices and flavours. The town of Santa Maria on Sal has excellent restaurants serving local cuisine. Chez Pastis on Rue Amilcar Gabral does a succulent lobster and steak, while the national dish of cachupa (a stew with cabbage, tomatoes, maize and yams) is always on the menu at local favourite Lanchonette Angela.

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