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Celebrating Global Team Spirit

On the weekend of the 6th of May 2016, staff at Chapman Freeborn flew from all over the world to Munich to celebrate the success of our global community. It was a weekend to spend quality time with colleagues in a relaxed, friendly and enjoyable environment whilst progressing the strategic aims of the business. It also gave us the opportunity to meet and welcome lots of new faces who have recently joined our rapidly growing company.

Over 160 members from all levels of Chapman Freeborn checked in for an unforgettable weekend. Upon arrival at our hotels we received welcome packs which included a newsletter regarding updates on all the different departments from across the company, making sure our global team remain connected with one another. We also received a Chapman Freeborn coloured wristband in preparation for the surprise team-building activity the following day. This divided us into four groups enabling us to meet and communicate with many colleagues which we may not see on a daily basis. We also got our first taste of traditional German food in the form of a Lebkuchenherz (a heart-shaped gingerbread biscuit.) All employees had access to free drinks and food from the hotels for the duration of the event thanks to the generosity of our board members and the organisation of the event by our German team. That evening we continued to be immersed in German culture through a menu of traditional Bavarian cuisine.

The next morning we travelled through the beautiful and historic city of Munich to the outskirts where a surprise rafting tour had been laid on for us. We split into our four teams and took to the waters on traditional Bavarian rafts. It was such a unique and unforgettable experience floating down the picturesque rivers, Loisach and Isar, listening to the Barvarian live bands on each of the rafts and drinking weissbier (wheat beer) in the warm sunshine. But the new experiences didn’t stop there.

That evening we attended a meal at the restaurant Nockherberg where we were met by Alphorn blowers and whipcracking as a sample of traditional German entertainment. We really got the red carpet treatment that night as each of us was served a sparkling glass of Prosecco and drinks before an exquisitely prepared 3 course meal. During this our CEO, Russi Batliwala, presented the nominations for employee of the year. It was motivating to hear the wonderful things people had to say about the hard-work and talent of their fellow co-workers and to have this recognised by the members of our board. Success is something we at Chapman Freeborn believe should be celebrated and the hard work that goes into achieving it should be championed. This was what this weekend was all about; celebration.

When the sun did eventually rise the next day, we each said our fond farewells and headed back to our various destinations around the globe having made many new memories, and many new connections, and looking-forward to being reunited at our next global team celebration.