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Chapman Freeborn Americas charter AN-124s to meet manufacturing industry cargo demands

Customized, secure and fast, we are meeting the manufacturing industry’s unusual cargo requirements daily. We are so proud that our clients have the confidence in Chapman Freeborn’s ability to provide them with solutions to accommodate their urgent cargo charter needs.

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To accommodate any unusually large and heavy cargo, the AN-124 is one of a few aircraft that fill the bill. The four engine AN-124 has a cargo capacity of up to 120 tons, with a flight range of approximately 4,800 km and typically fly with a crew of 13 – 16 people. It’s the ideal choice when needing to move extremely heavy and/or oversized cargo like power turbines, mini power stations, earth moving equipment, trains and ocean-going yachts to name a few. Its ability to load and unload using its internal cranes make it the first choice of aircraft when going to remote locations with limited resources. The most identifiable characteristics of the AN124 is that is has front and rear cargo doors.

Outsized, heavy cargo shipments come with very detailed requirements and high expectations, at Chapman Freeborn, our clients are provided with customized solutions that meet their needs. Whether the shipments take months of planning or short notice, we can accommodate it.