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Chapman Freeborn assists Air Force in operation to reunite Alaska families with sled dogs

Five months after the catastrophic Yukon River flooding in Galena, recovery works are still underway to rebuild the small town in Alaska which was once home to almost 500 residents.

For the past three months, Chapman Freeborn Airchartering was part of the rescue and rebuilding efforts – the leading aircraft charter specialist operated six chartered flights a week to send a team of contractors with the Air Force Civil Engineer Center, their equipment, supplies and environmental samples to the area to assist with making the area safe again.

“Regular flights were required to position contractors between Fairbanks and Galena so they could spend as long as possible each day on gathering samples for tests. As there were no locally-based carriers available, we positioned an Embraer 120 Brasilia aircraft up from Midwest United States to operate those daily rotations,” said Helen Hollis, Passenger Charter Broker from Chapman Freeborn USA, who managed the air charter operations to Galena.

The chartered flights began with 15 passengers a day but soon increased to up to 30 passengers so that the contractors could complete their tasks before the harsh winter weather set in. Approaching the end of September, however, the flight manifest boasted a few canine passengers.

The aircraft charter specialist was approached to assist with returning 15 sled dogs evacuated from the area back to their owners. Although sled dogs may not be the sole means of transportation around Galena anymore, for the locals, they are an integral part of the winter culture.

Chapman Freeborn USA team worked closely with the airline and the Air Force to move the dogs on the aircraft back to Galena. As the safety and well-being of the sled dogs were of paramount importance, the aircraft charter specialist ensured that the aircraft is in the right condition for the canine passengers during the one hour plus flight.

Commenting on the challenges of the operation, Hollis said: “Some of the dogs didn’t have health certificates as they were destroyed in the floods so we had to get vets to sign them off before they travelled. We also had to check that they could travel in the cargo hold as there wasn’t space for them in the cabin. While the sled dogs are used to living in cold conditions, we had to make sure that the temperature in the cargo hold would not drop too low for them.”

“Furthermore, the vets from the local shelters helped to ensure the dogs were in good health so they could travel.  Although we had some diversion due to the weather in Alaska, overall the flights were a great success.”

On September 16th, Tiny and Cruger were the first sled dogs to return home to Galena.

Read more on this story with an article courtesy of Breanne Smith, AFCEC Public Affairs.


Photo: Tiny and Cruger offloaded from the plane’s cargo hold


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中国 – 高端公务机主战场

在全球经济复苏前景不明和欧洲经济低迷的背景下,中国的奢侈品市场非但没有缩水,反而顶住了全球经济发展缓慢的压力,其需求和消费能力都在稳步增长当中。有报告称,2015年,中国将占据全球奢侈品消费市场的首位。 中国经济飞速发展的几年里,楼市飞涨,资源性产品涨速较快,财富积累效应非常明显,从而有力的刺激了奢侈品消费。有人笑称,以前奢侈品是 Made in China,就是说在中国生产了,而现在是Made for China,为中国而生产。 公务机作为新的财富象征,成为了当下奢侈品消费的热门话题。知名公务机制造商庞巴迪也在其去年的年报指出中国2012年在公务机购买方面表现的非常活跃。作为消费喜欢讲排场,讲面子的中国人,在选购公务机方面,又有什么特点?查浦曼,拥有40年私人飞机专业服务经验的全球领先包机公司对未来的中国公务机市场发展又有何独到见解?查浦曼的公务机专家Fiona Zhi也发表了她的看法: “目前国内比较热门的机型还是以重型公务机为主,像环球快车6000,猎鹰7X,湾流550和湾流650。虽然湾流650的出厂价格较高,但早已有国人订购成功。在低空并不绝对开放的中国,与商业航班不同,公务机目前在中国不仅仅是种运输工更是一种身份的象征。 相比之下,公务机制造商湾流在中国的市场定位做的很好,飞机的稀缺性及其“饥饿营销”的方式,使湾流在中国的公务机市场受到了高度关注。与此同时,国内目前大部分的托管公司都以湾流系飞机为主,所以在托管经验和技术上都会给公务机用户更好的服务和支持。 不容忽视的还有越来越火爆的二手机市场,像空客318,波音BBJ等飞行记录在100~200小时的大型公务机,其价格和新出厂的湾流650相差不多,但是在空间和使用性上更大也更舒适广泛。所以这两种大型公务机在二手机市场上的受欢迎程度也相对较高。 公务机买卖和公务机包机一样,在当前的市场情况下,也非常需要一个像查浦曼这样中立的经济公司来为客人提供合理化建议。与欧美公务机用户不同,更多的中国买家在购买公务机的过程中偏向于选择“打包价”,一站式服务。所以从机型的选择到飞机引进,再到飞机托管,以及帮助客人选择最佳金融方案,经纪人的作用都不容小觑。” 截止到今年四月份的官方统计,中国共有公务航空企业15家,注册公务机166架,公务机起降架次累计已达到11810架次。对比欧美国家,中国地区目前的公务机起降、代理费用相对较高,小型公务机在运营成本上的优势并不能得以体现。所以中国的公务机市场在未来几年仍然会是拥有更大客舱、更远航程机型的高端公务机品牌为主。

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