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Chapman Freeborn collaborates with EYOS Expeditions

For many, the idea of venturing into the Arctic wilderness conjures up images of hardened arctic explorers, perilous sea voyages and frightening tales of hardship and human endurance. Others might envisage themselves sleeping in tents as they are relentlessly buffeted by blizzard conditions and sub-zero temperatures.

Whilst many in the past have had to contend with all of the above and more, the unique delights of such a majestic wilderness can now be accessed by a very different kind of adventurer.

Chapman Freeborn has collaborated with EYOS Expeditions, an outfit that specialises in chartering luxury expedition yachts to some of the most remote and remarkable places on Earth. With decades of experience exploring isolated areas in incredible vessels, EYOS are able to lead travellers to remote regions in absolute safety and uncompromising luxury.


The yachts EYOS work with manage to combine the luxury you would expect from a private superyacht with the safety of a rugged expedition vessel. EYOS CEO Ben Lyons says: “There are very few yachts sailing that are purpose built for expeditions. We need to know they are capable of operating safely in remote regions. At the same time, our guests expect luxuries such as an on-board sauna or spacious marble bathrooms. The latest yacht we are working with, the ENIGMA XK, has a large helicopter pad, a gym, massage treatment room, and an enormous Owner’s Suite with spectacular 180-degree views.”

As a result, guests are able to immerse themselves in luxury whilst traversing some of the most rarely visited parts of the planet. Adventurers could find themselves admiring colossal icebergs from the warmth of a jacuzzi and observing polar bears and seals from the comfort of an opulent dining room.


On-board the yacht, guests will be accompanied by an EYOS Expedition Leader carefully chosen to safely guide guests and work with the Captain to craft the perfect itinerary. More hands on travellers have direct access to the landscape and sights around them by means of their yachts on-board Zodiac. EYOS’ staff will safely guide travellers onto shore where they can get up close and personal with Penguin colonies, kayak amidst dazzling icebergs, cruise the face of majestic Glaciers and fully appreciate the awe-inspiring scenery. The expedition leader will also share their knowledge and provide a greater insight and understanding of the region clients are traveling through.


When you combine this with Chapman Freeborn’s air charter expertise, the collaboration provides one of the most unique experiences available. Clients are able to charter a private jet from worldwide departure points to their chosen destination with Chapman Freeborn, where they will then board their expedition vessel with EYOS. After a once in a lifetime experience, returning passengers can make full use of all the conveniences of private charter, working to their own schedule and flying home in absolute comfort, privacy and relaxation.

In 2014 EYOS is able to include expeditions that feature Norway’s rugged coastline, the polar landscape of Svalbard, Greenland, Iceland, Antarctica and the islands of the South Pacific amongst many others. Travellers will even be able to travel the Northwest Passage, a crossing that even today only around 200 vessels have successfully completed.


EYOS’ launch experience is a 10-night expedition from Bodo, Norway to the Arctic Archipelago of Svalbard. If you’re interested in joining one of EYOS expeditions and would like to find out more, click here

Visit EYOS Expeditions’ website

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尽管许多旅客选择私人喷气式飞机包机服务是为了享受其奢华性和灵活性,但一些独具慧眼的旅客却利用这种机会从一个全新的角度来看世界。 从雄伟的自然喜马拉雅山脉到迪拜美丽的人工棕榈岛,查浦曼特精选私人喷气式飞机乘客体验到的壮丽风景的鸟瞰图,与您共享。 澳大利亚海盗群岛塔尔博特潮湾 位于澳大利亚西部塔尔博特潮湾的奇妙水平瀑布是搭乘飞机观光不容错过的奇观。塔尔博特潮湾是海盗群岛的一部分,拥有世界上最大的潮差。看似不可能的在海面上奔流而过的水平瀑布是由冲进岛屿之间狭窄峭壁的高达11米的巨大潮汐形成。而各群岛则构成了另一幅仅能从空中鸟瞰的壮丽景观,因此许多旅客,特别是新加坡悉尼航线上的旅客,往往选乘包机,从低空欣赏这里的奇妙景观。 南亚喜马拉雅山脉 论及雄伟,没有任何风景能够与喜马拉雅山脉相媲美。这幅图是在不丹皇家航空公司一次飞往不丹王国帕罗的航班上拍摄的,图片拍下了绵延的喜马拉雅山脉和最大的山峰。喜马拉雅山脉无疑是世界上最富盛名的山脉,其中有100多座山峰海拔超过23,000英尺。一架波音747-400飞机需要14分钟才能从海平面安全抵达这一高度,从而得以俯瞰山脉全景。由于许多商用航线都交汇于和途径喜马拉雅山脉,乘坐各种亚洲甚至是全球航线航班的乘客或有机会欣赏山脉全景。得益于今年年初发起的独特伙伴关系,私人喷气式飞机乘客现有更多机会前往不丹王国,欣赏其境内令人叹为观止的喜马拉雅山脉。 阿联酋迪拜棕榈岛 当我们从空中感受大自然的原始之美时,还可领略迪拜棕榈岛同样引人入胜的人工之美。错落有致的人工群岛是由9,400万立方米沙子和700万吨岩石填造而成。尽管在地面上就能感受到棕榈岛的宏伟气势,而从飞机上则可观察棕榈岛的全貌,欣赏其对称美。该图是在前往肯尼亚内罗毕的航班上拍摄的。 印度尼西亚佛罗勒斯岛克里克木火山 克里克木火山位于印度尼西亚佛罗勒斯岛的中心,以火山口上三个迷人的火山湖而闻名于世。由于地底火山活动引起火山湖内化学成分的变化,三个颜色各异的火山湖会随着时间的推移呈现出各种不同的绿色、蓝色、黑色和红色色调。尽管在某种程度上火山湖对地质学家们而言仍是一个谜,但这并不妨碍我们从空中观赏其奇妙之美。克里克木火山位于曼谷悉尼航线的3,430千米处,许多商用航班的飞行高度通常较高,乘客无法尽情欣赏火山湖的美景。因此,许多乘客选乘私人喷气式飞机包机,充分领略火山湖的独特风景。特别是如果您以前就曾见过这些火山湖,那么近距离观赏火山湖颜色的不断变化将给您带来更为愉悦的飞行体验。 夏威夷考爱岛 考爱岛是夏威夷群岛中地质历史最悠久的岛,也是群岛中的第四大岛。有“花园岛”之称,考爱岛无疑是夏威夷群岛中最美丽的岛屿。考爱岛是地球上最潮湿的地方之一,其高降雨量造就了几十处绝妙的峡谷和令人惊叹的瀑布。火山斜坡十分肥沃,随处可见各种葱葱郁郁的植物,从火山山坡一路延伸到美丽的沙滩和温暖的碧水旁。乘坐包机游览考爱岛,在世界上最美丽的岛屿尽享空中旅行的乐趣,您会发现不虚此行。 图片来源: 标题图片来自达索猎鹰。猎鹰7X是配备大客舱的远程商用喷气式飞机,能够从巴黎直飞东京,从上海直飞西雅图,从纽约直飞吉达,或从约翰内斯堡直飞伦敦。 喜马拉雅山脉:Gary Ashley –Flickr 克里克木火山:Ng Sebastian –Flickr 网站 考爱岛:Paul Bica –Flickr 塔尔博特潮湾:Philip Schubert–Flickr 网站 棕榈岛:Karim Nafatni –Portfolio–Facebook 撰稿人:Michael Cooper

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