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Chapman Freeborn defy the odds, punctually delivering cargo from the UK to Mozambique over Christmas

Over the incredibly busy Christmas period, Chapman Freeborn succeeded in delivering cargo to Mozambique, conquering several obstacles that threatened to jeopardise the journey.

An oil and gas project in Mozambique needed housing for its workers, and when the original distribution boards required to supply power to these houses were damaged whilst being trucked from South Africa, Chapman Freeborn came to the rescue. Two distribution boards were needed urgently, but were over 5,500 miles away in the UK.

It was going to be a challenge: COVID-19 restrictions presented some pricing issues, space on scheduled flights was scarce, and all the while flights were getting cancelled – options were running out fast.

Against the odds, Chapman Freeborn was able to secure the cargo on a scheduled flight from Birmingham to Nairobi, via Dubai. However, the cargo was unable to be screened by ETD (explosive trace detection) and was too dense to pass through the x-ray machine!

This resulted in missing the first leg of the journey to Dubai just two days before Christmas…the connection to Nairobi was scheduled for Christmas Day, and the last leg of the journey (an Astral Aviation charter from Nairobi to Mozambique) was scheduled for the 29th December; would this allow for the three working days that transit clearance takes before the charter flight?

Thanks to the lightning speed of Astral Aviation the clearance happened in just one day, and the air cargo charter arrived right on time.

Chapman Freeborn overcame both challenging logistics and a challenging time of year, highlighting their expertise in navigating whatever obstacle may be thrown their way.