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Chapman Freeborn demonstrates its global expertise with IL-76 cargo charter

Our global offices have worked together to complete a complicated, time-critical cargo charter utilising an Ilyushin IL-76 freighter.

When an aircraft in Entebbe had problems with an engine and couldn’t fly, our cargo charter team in Belgium sourced and readied an Ilyushin IL-76 to deliver a replacement engine from Luxembourg.

The replacement engine came from Singapore on a scheduled cargo service and was loaded onto our IL-76 that was waiting at the airport in less than three hours.

Samuel Omaswa from our Uganda office was on the ground at Entebbe to help facilitate the operation and to ensure the engine was off-loaded correctly.  The IL-76 then returned the faulty engine to Zurich.

This air cargo charter is a classic case to demonstrate the strength of Chapman Freeborn’s global offices.

Andrea Lim, cargo charter broker from Chapman Freeborn Singapore said:

“Clients who require urgent long distance charters greatly benefit from our global coverage – as in this case when the cargo was flown from Singapore to Luxembourg to Uganda then to Zurich.

“The client can have a peace of mind because Chapman Freeborn’s local brokers are equipped with the necessary market knowledge and expertise to ensure that loading and unloading are well supervised.”

She added that the biggest challenge for this particular cargo charter was the very tight timeframe

“As soon as the client decided to proceed with the charter at 7pm, no time was wasted to pick up the cargo from the warehouse and to deliver to the airport; all documentation requirements and customs formalities were managed promptly and the cargo was loaded and ready to be flown the very next morning.”