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Chapman Freeborn flies the Olympic Torch

The special guest of the Olympic Games in Rio, The Olympic Flame, travelled by charter flight on a Challenger 850 VIP jet from Athens to Geneva.  It was en route to Lausanne, Switzerland, home to the International Olympic Committee, to be showcased to the UN, before going to Rio to commence its relay at the beginning of May.

Chapman Freeborn Airchartering managed the VIP transport of the Olympic flame to Geneva under the coordination of Mr. Darren Banham, President of CF USA.

The Brazilian Sports Minister, President of the Brazilian Olympic Committee, the torch relay team, and members of the press, travelled with the torch to Geneva.

The Olympic Torch Relay Team will visit over 83 cities in Brazil in a period of 90-100 days where the torch will be visiting Brasilia, the national capital of Brazil, followed by the rural heartlands of Goiás, and then the state of Minas Gerais.