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Chapman Freeborn provides cargo charters for US pharmaceutical launch

Chapman Freeborn Airchartering has coordinated two time-sensitive charters to transport pharmaceutical cargo from India to the US for the launch of a new asthma treatment product.

Working in partnership with an international freight forwarder, Chapman Freeborn’s cargo charter team provided two B747-400F aircraft to fly 35 tons of medicines from Mumbai (BOM) to Philadelphia (PHL) and 15 tons to Washington (IAD).

The high-value cargo – delivered on behalf of a global pharmaceutical manufacturing company – required temperature-controlled conditions during storage and transit to maintain its sensitive properties and efficacy.

Chapman Freeborn cargo charter specialists in India, Dubai and the US coordinated the operation and oversaw the loading of the cargo in Mumbai. In addition to liaising with airport authorities, handling agents and airline loadmasters, the team also secured the necessary customs approvals for the shipments.

Vikas Chaturvedi, project manager at Chapman Freeborn, said:

“We’re pleased to have managed this successful cargo charter contract on behalf of our client. When moving pharmaceutical cargo a careful and systematic approach must be undertaken to ensure the temperature-controlled requirements are met. We always aim to provide the highest quality air charter solutions available.”


Vikas Chaturvedi


B747-400F aircraft chartered by Chapman Freeborn


High-value pharmaceutical cargo was flown from India to the U.S.