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Chapman Freeborn provides support for the Seychelles Air Force

Every year the Chapman Freeborn Flight Support team is delighted to assist the Seychelles Air Force in getting their aircraft serviced in India.

This collaborative effort has been in place for five years now, with Chapman Freeborn flying the aircraft annually from Seychelles International Airport (SEZ) to Hindustan Airport (HAL) via the Maldives, so that it can be serviced at the Hindustan Aeronautics factory where it was manufactured.

Like most flights over the past year, COVID-19 presented some challenges and delays. However, thanks to the ongoing relationship between Chapman Freeborn and the client spanning many years, the transport went ahead seamlessly as soon as the required airports were open and international travel restrictions were lifted locally.

Chapman Freeborn has strengthened their relationship with the client over the past half a decade, gaining a comprehensive understanding of their requirements and building lasting relationships with their staff. The Flight Support team has become an extension of their in-house operations department, meaning that facilitating the flight during a global pandemic was as smooth and effortless as possible under the circumstances. Chapman Freeborn already knew the nuances of the journey and could execute it perfectly with little notice.

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