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Chapman Freeborn Spotlight: Cargo Charter Broker from Frankfurt, Jan Körber, talks about his favourite aircraft – the Boeing 747-F

At Chapman Freeborn, our colleagues are our greatest asset. Not only are they excellent at their jobs – wherever that may be within the business – but they are all passionate about aviation.

In our new blog series, we are speaking to people across the Chapman Freeborn Group, finding out where their specific passions and interests lie.

In this blog, the third in the series, we interview Jan Körber, Cargo Charter Broker from Frankfurt, and hear about his favourite aircraft – the Boeing 747-F.


Tell us a bit about your background and when your passion for aviation began

 My passion for logistics started over 20 years ago. I worked at an international freight forwarding company. From the very beginning I was fascinated by the speed and the efficiency of the airfreight industry. Enthusiastically I took the role as operation manager and was responsible for the organisation of charter flights for key accounts.

Next logic step for me was to join Chapman Freeborn in 2012 and I honestly can say that Chapman Freeborn is gathering the best charter brokers worldwide. I´m very proud to be a part of the team.


What is your favourite aircraft?

 After 10 years with the company I can´t count the number of charter flights I have organised.

Every different type of aircraft has advantages and is perfect for specific situations, but out of all the aircraft types I have worked with, my favourite is the Boeing 747-F.


Why is B-747-F your favourite aircraft?

I can still remember the first time I saw the B-747 freighter on the apron. I was overwhelmed by the huge size and the unique elegance of this aircraft. From that day on I understood why it´s called the queen of the skies. When the iconic nose door opens, I always think the plane is smiling for a short while.

Beside the beauty of it, the aircraft is very versatile and can be used for different kinds of cargo and requirements. It has an enormous payload and a very long range.

The Boeing 747-F is also very flexible; it is loadable via the huge main deck door and the characteristic nose door, making it the perfect fit for all shapes and sizes of cargo.


What is your most memorable charter by Boeing 747-F?

 I will never forget about a charter flight loaded with relief goods to a very poorly-equipped airport in Middle East.

While offloading the cargo, the only high loader available broke. To leave the life-saving aid supplies on board was not an option. So, as the night set in we unloaded the cargo without the help of a high loader or any similar equipment. This was a very difficult and challenging situation.

In the end, the client was very relieved and satisfied that we accomplished this project within the given time frame, despite the challenge of the broken high loader.


Have there been any other examples of where an Boeing 747-F has been charted by Chapman Freeborn? What is this aircraft beneficial for?

 I truly can say every charter flight is unique and has its own challenges. Nevertheless, we  use the B-747-F very often. Due to its flexibility and high payload it is suitable for many different transport requirements.

The B-747-F is irreplaceable for global supply chains, including the e-commerce and automotive sectors as well as the machinery industry. In general, it is often used for project cargo and the transport of heavy or outsized cargo.