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Chapman Freeborn transport high value luxury goods to bypass the truck blockade between France and the UK

Over the festive period Chapman Freeborn aided the trucking arm of a large Italian freight forwarder in delivering high value luxury goods from France to the UK, enabling them to circumvent the blockade that brought lorry operations to a halt between Calais and Dover.

The new strain of COVID-19, first detected in the UK, resulted in thousands of lorries getting stuck at the Channel crossing after borders were closed whilst over 21,000 hauliers waited for their mandatory coronavirus test results.

Instead of waiting indefinitely for the blockage to clear, the freight forwarder, which specialises in fashion logistics, contacted Chapman Freeborn about chartering a cargo flight from Vatry, France to London Gatwick. They wanted to ensure that UK customers would receive the impeccable continuity and next day delivery service they expect, regardless of the adversity at the border.

Chapman Freeborn meticulously packed 644 items from a prestigious designer label under high security, before flying them to Gatwick and enabling the freight forwarder to fulfil the customers’ expectations over the festive period.

In these unpredictable and changeable times, Chapman Freeborn demonstrate once again that with their help a journey can still be smooth and efficient, even when it may seem the odds are stacked against it. A special thank you to Adam Duckworth, Cargo Charter Broker who worked tirelessly to make the operation a success.