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Chapman Freeborn’s Top 10 Caribbean Airports for Private Jet Travellers

Norman Manley International


The view on final approach to Kingston’s Norman Manley international has to be one of the most breath-taking there is. Nestled on the inner walls of the Palisadoes (A natural sand bank harbour), the airport almost feels as if it’s floating, unsupported in the turquoise-blue water of the Caribbean Sea.

The natural harbour city of Kingston is a place of two halves: it is both the cultural and economic heart of Jamaica. Downtown is known as the historic, cultural and artistic district – vendors and musicians are scattered among its streets, retaining the country’s famous heritage. Uptown, on the other hand, is where visitors will find luxurious hotels, restaurants and parks.

Princess Juliana International

Saint Martin

This has to be one of the most famous airport approaches on the planet. Due to the runway’s close proximity to the public beach, low-flying aircraft pass mere metres above the coastline before landing on the tarmac ahead. Because of this, Saint Martin’s Princess Juliana International has made a name for itself as the airport on every spotter’s bucket list.

Saint Martin is the world’s smallest island to be divided into two nations. The north half is owned by the French, whereas the south belongs to the Dutch. As a result, Saint Martin has an extremely rich multicultural heritage. The island is also blessed with 37 white sand beaches along its shoreline; some fringed with a wide range of restaurants and bars, and others more peaceful and isolated.

Owen Roberts International

Cayman Islands

The final approach to the island paradise of Grand Cayman gives travellers a glimpse of George Town, the territory’s vibrant yet slow-paced capital city. Peering out of the plane window, you’ll likely see a wash of parasails, charter boats, cruise ships (docked offshore from Tuesday through Friday), and scuba boats.

To most, Grand Cayman is the face of the Cayman Islands. This is where the majority of tourists travel to – it is home to luxury shopping, a wide range of top restaurants, and the famous Seven Mile Beach. Away from the elegance, to the east, is also worth visiting. Here, local culture can be experienced and deep seas can be dived to, where shipwrecks and sealife fill the waters.

Grantley Adams International Airport


Descending into Grantley Adams international, you’ll be treated to a glimpse of Bridgetown, the country’s capital city, as your plane makes it approach. Arriving aircraft tend to fly west to east due to the relatively stable, north easterly trade winds. To the right of your aircraft you’ll see the deep blue expanse of the Atlantic Ocean, home to the country’s national dish, the flying fish.

Barbados is another Caribbean island famed for its brilliant beaches. A sun seeker hotspot, the island is also decorated with top of the range hotels, restaurants and nightlife. The culture of the island is still intact despite the high levels of tourism – Bridgetown has been recently declared a World Heritage listed city by UNESCO due to its historic British architecture.

Luis Munoz Marin International Airport

Puerto Rico

As you begin your decent into Luis Munoz International, you’ll notice that the airport sits cradled by the shores of Lugana Los Corozos, Laguna la Torrecills, and the Atlantic Ocean to the north. A short drive down Expreso 26 will take you to Old San Juan (nicknamed La Ciudad Amurallada – The Walled City), a place of national significance and pride, being the oldest settlement within Puerto Rico – dating back to 1508.

Puerto Rico is an ideal Caribbean holiday. Its white sandy shorelines rival any other on the planet and also vary from bustling nightlife strips to quiet and peaceful escapes. There are several diving and snorkelling hotspots scattered across Puerto Rico’s beaches, and in other places there are waters suitable for water sports, such as surfing.

Queen Beatrix International Airport


Queen Beatrix International sits in the heart of the country’s capital city, Oranjestad. Whilst the airport sit on the coast of the country, it’s protected from the elements by Renaissance Island – a luxurious, expansive private island, offering discerning travellers the chance to enjoy the rich blue waters and paper-white sands of Aruba, completely undistracted.

Aruba is one of the most popular of the Caribbean islands, thanks to the fact that it is well connected to many US cities. It also happens to be one of the most family-friendly spots in the region, so there are numerous high-end resorts that are geared towards families with activities on offer for those of all ages.

Cyril E. King Airport

U.S. Virgin Islands

Located in business district of Charlotte Amalie, Cyril E. King airport connects the U.S Virgin Islands with the rest of the world. The approach into Cyril E. King is unforgettable with the runway carving a path directly into the Caribbean Sea. The airport boasts a busy and well equipped terminal for private jet charters and direct access to the island’s capital city.

Looking out to the Atlantic Ocean to the north and Caribbean Sea to the south, the US Virgin Islands is the go-to Caribbean island for many travellers. Saint Thomas is often the first stop for those looking to island-hop – whether it be to other Caribbean destinations, or to explore the rest of the US Virgin Islands.

George F. L. Charles Airport

Saint Lucia

George F.L Charles Airport is situated in the coastal town on the island’s north-west, Carribean coast. Saint Lucia is famous for its striking, tapered mountains which protrude from the county’s sapphire-blue seas – the same mountains will be your first glimpse of this island paradise as your jet nears its final approach.

St Lucia is an island nation of eastern Caribbean that is best known for its varied landscapes and white sandy beaches. There are two mountains on the west coast of the island, several volcanic areas, and even a patch of lush, tropical rainforest complete with waterfalls and natural pools. Many tourists visit St Lucia Rum Distillery for a taste of the famous island tipple.

Providenciales International Airport

Turks and Caicos

Providenciales International Airport is one of three airports on the islands. The typical flight approach to the airport is highly scenic and flies over the spectacular Chalk Sound National Park – a beautiful turquoise lagoon on the southwest tip of the island of Provo. The beautiful scenery is worth the day trip.

Providenciales is the lively hub of Turks and Caicos, but other than its white sand beaches and luxury hotels, visitors can join in with festivals, explore ancient ruins, numerous chilled-out bars and restaurants. From here, it is possible to travel to less populated islands – some of which are perfect spots for whale watching.

V. C. Bird International Airport


Antigua’s main airport is made of two terminals, with one that opened in just 2015. The new facility is well designed, spacious, light filled and comfortable, with a limited yet sufficient number of traveller amenities. V. C. Bird is also often used to island-hop to Antigua’s sister island of Barbuda – a wonderfully underdeveloped island with relatively few visitors.

This mid-sized island has luxurious resorts of varying sizes and adorable beaches scattered throughout its coastline. Visitors will find both white and pink sandy beaches that they can relax upon, and enjoy the sound of the turquoise blue waters lapping in at their feet.