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Chapman Freeborn’s Top 10 North American Airports for Private Jet Travellers

Due to the popularity of our previous top 10 airport articles, we decided to create a top 10 list for North America. Today we are going to discuss what we think are some of the most convenient airports, in the best locations (with the most beautiful approaches) in Canada, Mexico, and the United States.

Teterboro Airport

As you approach Teterboro airport you’ll probably be greeted with stunning vistas of New Jersey’s beautiful meadowlands (depending upon where you’re coming from). You’ll see rolling green fields slowly give way to the small yet vibrant area of Teterboro.

While Teterboro has its charm, the main reason private jets like to land here is its proximity to Manhattan (Teterboro is just 12 miles away from midtown Manhattan). This makes it an excellent option for those arriving in the area for either business or pleasure. Its convenient location combined with excellent transport links makes it one of the most popular airports for private jet travellers in the entire country.

William P Hobby 

William P Hobby is the oldest airport in Houston and it was once closed due to the opening of the larger and newer George Bush Intercontinental Airport. However, soon after closing it was reopened as a domestic and private airport (just 2 years later) as the new airport was unable to cope with capacity requirements.

When descending into William P Hobby you’ll be greeted with fantastic views of the city of Houston and the hypnotically beautiful Galveston Bay. Both of which are spectacular sights to behold and make this an approach to remember.

When you arrive you’ll find yourself in the southwestern part of the city with multiple transport links available to you. When you return, be sure to check out the art deco terminal one building which is a magnificent example of the iconic architectural design style.

Fort Lauderdale

As you approach Fort Lauderdale you’re going to be treated to a stunning combination of natural beauty and urban activity. The stunning luscious green of the Floridian countryside gradually flows into the hustle and bustle of the Miami metropolitan area. You’ll get a great view of Miami’s gorgeous coastline too where the powerful Atlantic ocean meets the US mainland.

When you arrive you’re free to explore one of the most vibrant cities in the United States and enjoy all it has to offer. Due to its location, Fort Lauderdale is best for travellers who want to stay in the city (despite it being close to the natural beauty to the south). If you’re planning on heading down that way, Miami Opa Locka might be your best bet.

Miami Opa Locka

The approach to Miami Opa Locka is very similar to the approach we mentioned for Fort Lauderdale above. You’re less likely to get ocean views than if you were on Fort Lauderdale’s approach, but it’s a possibility.

Opa Locka is located further south than Fort Lauderdale. This combined with excellent transport links make it an extremely popular airport for travellers who are planning to experience the stunning natural beauty at the south of the state.

You can bypass much of the traffic you’d experience getting out of Fort Lauderdale and you can be on the open road in a matter of minutes. The seemingly endless beauty of the nearby Everglades Natural Park is an experience that makes visitors to the area return year on year. This gorgeous landscape can only (arguably) be paralleled by the stunning coastline and crystal clear waters of the world famous Key West that is also just a short drive away.

Dallas Love Fields

Regardless of where you’re flying from you’re probably going to get great views of one of the many lakes that surround Dallas on your approach into Dallas Love Fields. The Texan terrain slowly fades away making way for the big city lights of downtown Dallas.

As Dallas Love Field is located in “the heart of Dallas” it’s an airport of pure convenience. It’s less than a 20-minute drive away from the West End, the Downtown Convention Centre, and the Dallas Market Centre. Upon arrival, there is a wide range of limousine and transport options ready to take you to your accommodation. Once you’ve dropped your bags off you’re free to explore all of the world-class restaurants and tourist attractions the city has to offer.

Toluca International Airport

Depending upon where you’re coming from you may be treated to one of the most spectacular urban approaches in the world (as Toluca is only 40km away from Mexico City). The sheer size of the city is something that needs to be seen to be believed, and it is especially captivating at night. Before you meet the seemingly endless urban jungle you’ll receive stunning views of the almost surreal mountainous Mexican landscape that provides a stark contrast to the bustling city.

Once you arrive you can reach Mexico City within 30 minutes by car. Alternatively, it’s a great place to use a staging ground for exploration of the powerful natural mountainous terrain (and stunning villas) that are no more than an hour away.

Palm Beach International Airport

The third airport from Florida on this list is located much further north than the other two. Due to Palm Beach International’s location, you’re pretty much guaranteed stunning vistas of the Atlantic Ocean as you start to descend. Depending upon where you’re coming from you may also be able to see the JW Corbett Wildlife management area or even the stunning Lake Okeechobee.

Lake Okeechobee is the third largest freshwater lake in the entire country and its one of the biggest reasons many private jets are flown to Palm Beach International. It’s a short drive away and the airport’s amazing transport connections mean you can drop off your bags and be lakeside within a matter of hours of touching down. Its stunning crystal clear waters provide hours of entertainment for the thousands of visitors who love to fish or take part in water sports there each and every year.

Miami International Airport

As one of the most popular tourist destinations, it’s perhaps not too surprising that Florida appears in 4 out of 10 of our top 10 airports listed. As the name suggests Miami International Airport is located in the heart of the city and upon approach you’ll be treated to views of many of its iconic landmarks.

Once you arrive on the tarmac you are mere minutes away from some of the very best hotels in the entire city. Once you’ve dropped your bags off there is an almost endless supply of quality restaurants, bars, and venues to choose from. The world-famous Miami beach is also right on your doorstep. This means you can be relaxing on the sand feeling the ocean breeze within an hour of touching the ground.

Toronto Pearson International Airport

It may not surprise you to learn that the first Canadian airport on our list is located in Toronto. It’s Canada’s busiest airport and has one of the most spectacular urban approaches in the world. As you begin to descend you’ll see many of the lakes that litter the area, none more beautiful than Lake Ontario that borders the United States. As you begin your approach to Toronto Pearson you’ll be treated to vistas of the world famous Toronto skyline with its many skyscrapers and towers.

When you arrive you’ll be around 14 miles from downtown Toronto where the world is your oyster. It’s a mecca for sports, food, nightlife, music, and culture and you’ll have no problem finding top class accommodation thanks to the cities thriving hospitality industry.

Cancún International Airport

Cancún International Airport has a dream-like approach thanks to its proximity to the coast. The impossibly blue waters will shimmer and shine underneath as you descend into one of Mexico’s busiest airports.

Once you arrive in Cancún you’ve got a few options available to you. If you’re looking for exciting nightlife and restaurants, then perhaps staying in Cancún is your best option. However, if you’re looking for something a little more relaxing, then heading down south to Playa Del Carmen or Tulum may be a better bet. Enjoy stunning white sand beaches and turquoise seas while sipping a cocktail and eating fresh fish in peace and tranquillity. The excellent well-maintained highways that connect Cancún airport with the south can be accessed within minutes of getting in your car. This means you can be in a picture postcard paradise within less than an hour of landing.

That completes our top 10 North American airports for private jet travellers. Contact one of our experts today to arrange your private jet charter to any of these North American airports.