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Charter a flight for your family gathering

With today’s hectic schedules, it can be difficult to plan family vacations or gatherings, especially when family members live hundreds of miles away. Chartering a private jet to the destination of your choice can be a great solution, saving both time and money.

Chartering an aircraft

Charters are available across the globe and can be scheduled according to the time frame of the client. Whether it’s a private jet for use by family members who plan on attending a family gathering, or a group of friends for a reunion, jets are available to accommodate almost any number of people who plan to share the ride, offering a more efficient and effective way to travel.

The benefits of private air travel

There are several benefits associated with traveling by private jet, including both comfort and privacy. Crowded commercial flights provide very little customer-oriented service, simply because there are so many people on the plane. On a private plane, the client to flight attendant ratio is much lower, meaning you will get the very best service possible. The flight attendants who fly on private jets are specially trained and offer 100% compliance when it comes to confidentiality and client privacy.

Another benefit of private air travel is that you can choose where you wish to be picked up and where you want to land. A private jet is capable of landing at smaller airports and doesn’t have the same restrictions as a large commercial airliner. Once you and your family decide where to meet, your flight plan will be in place, and the private jet, pilots and flight attendants will be ready and waiting to take off as soon as everyone is on board.

Multiple locations

When you charter a flight, you need the company to accommodate your needs. We have access to jets that are small enough to land at any size airport and the pilots that we work with are of the highest caliber and are capable of providing the best flying experience possible. No matter where you need us to go to pick you up, we can accommodate jets and personnel to cater to your every need.

At Chapman Freeborn, we understand that family is important and when it comes to family gatherings and bringing everyone together you want to make sure everyone arrives safe, sound and satisfied with their travel experience. Contact us today on +1 (954) 202-0750 or email us at to arrange your next family flight.