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City guide: Berlin, Germany | Private jet charter

Berlin is arguably one of the most diverse and interesting cities in Europe and a place that really does have something for everyone. There’s large green spaces, hugely significant historical sites, a massive artistic scene, countless tech start-ups, some of the best fashion shopping on the continent, and an often underestimated food scene.

Top five must-see sights and attractions


The Reichstag is a stunning piece of architecture that will evoke a variety of emotions upon viewing it for the first time due to the historical events that have taken place here. The mesmerising glass dome on the top of the building is a modern addition that provides a picturesque view of the city.

Tours are available when parliament is not in session, but it is imperative that you book a tour in advance. Tickets on the door sell out quickly, and the lines are long. There’s a restaurant on top which is perfect for a spot of light lunch after your tour.

Museum Island

As the name suggests, Museum Island is a small mini island in the middle of Berlin (connected by bridges) that houses five individual museums adjacent to one another. If you’re not planning on spending days checking out all the museums on the island, then we highly recommend the Pergamon Museum. It has an impressive collection of ancient buildings that have been transported and rebuilt inside the museum. There are very few other museums in the world that provide this kind of experience.

Brandenburger Tor

Brandenburger Tor is arguably Germany’s most iconic landmark. Located in a busy square, once you walk underneath Brandenburger Tor you’re greeted by a lovely tree lined promenade which is reasonably tranquil compared to the chaos of the square.


Berlin offers some of the largest and most well-maintained city parks in the whole of Europe. Tiergarten is the biggest and most famous of all in Berlin. It’s close to Brandenburger Tor and spans a massive 519 acres directly in the middle of the city. When you’re strolling around its many pathways while marvelling at the wildlife, lakes, and sculptures that adorn every corner, it’s extremely easy to forget that you’re in the middle of one of the largest cities in Europe.

Checkpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Charlie was the main way for visitors, diplomats, and occasionally soldiers to pass between East and West Germany in the mid to late 1900s. These days Checkpoint Charlie has been rebuilt in the exact same spot where it once stood. There are guards in full historical uniform manning the post and a nearby museum explains the vivid and interesting history that took place mere meters away.

Getting around

The quickest and easiest way to get around Berlin is undoubtedly the U-Bahn, Berlin’s underground train network. As you would expect the U-Bahn displays German efficiency at its finest with trains always on time, pretty much to the second, and will take you to anywhere in the city quicker than a cab. Single tickets and day passes can be purchased from automated machines (in English) starting from a couple of euros.

Best time to visit

One of the best things about a city like Berlin is that you’ll find yourself entertained regardless of what time of year you go.

In terms of weather, it’s generally best to go between May to September. During this time the sun will be shining and you’ll have perfect weather for relaxing in a park or enjoying a drink outside a café. It’s also the most popular time of year for tourism, so be sure to book accommodation well in advance.

From October to December things start to quieten down and cool down at the same time. If you’re not against wrapping up warm while you’re outside, Berlin can still be a very enjoyable place throughout these colder months. There’s several festivals and attractions during this period like Oktoberfest, the Festival of Lights, and countless Christmas markets to enjoy too.

Final call

By the time you leave Berlin, you would have fallen in love with this wonderful, charismatic, diverse and culturally rich capital.

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