Book a Private Jet Charter to Austria

This landlocked country is home to some of the most stunning mountain scenery you’ll see anywhere in the world. And you’ll catch your first glimpse of the breathtaking Alps as your private charter flight touches down at one of the many airports on offer.

Take your pick of destinations from elegant Vienna to architecturally stunning Salzburg, Austria’s main cities are distinctive from each other in character and size, offering a varied visit at any time of the year.

If you’re making Vienna your first stop, then you’ll find your chartered jet service takes you to within 11 miles of the city centre, making it a convenient hopping off point to head straight to your hotel.

And if you’re going to stay in one place in Vienna, it has to be the Hotel Imperial. Built in 1863 as the residence for the Prince of Wuerttemberg, this sumptuous building is the last word in traditional European luxury.

Dazzling chandeliers, hand carved statues and a sweeping staircase leading to exquisite suites, immerse yourself in 19th-century hospitality.

For a dining experience that feels both authentic and intimate, head to Steierereck – Vienna’s only two-starred Michelin restaurant. Serving Austrian cuisine in a contemporary setting, this is dining as it should be.

Next on your itinerary might well be Salzburg. Book a charter plane and head to this picturesque city, founded on a Roman settlement.

Stroll the historic city centre, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and take in the beauty of the surrounding mountains. There’s plenty to see and do in the city itself, from visiting the birthplace of Mozart to the many architectural delights including the cathedral and art galleries.

The final stop on your tour might well be Graz, Austria’s second-largest city after Vienna. Here check into Aiola Living, an unusual collection of stylish luxury rooms and several apartments.

With an on-site fitness centre, bar and restaurant offering haute cuisine, one night might not be enough.

One of the many reasons to come to Graz is the climate the region enjoys. Long warm summers give way to cool snowy winters, and between June and September is an ideal time to visit.

There is skiing in the area so if you’re looking to spend some time on the slopes during your visit, ski season typically opens in mid-December and closes around the end of April, depending on snowfall and temperatures.

You might come to Austria for the natural beauty but you’ll stay for the warm welcome, fine food and sheer variety of culture, fun and people you’ll experience during your stay. Book your private airplane charter to Austria and uncover the secrets of this beautiful land.