As you cruise towards your destination in your private jet charter, you’ll begin to get some sense why this beautiful Nordic destination is known as the Country of a Thousand Lakes.

In fact, it has closer to 190,000 of them but combined with clean air, stunning views and some seriously impressive architecture you’ll understand why it also bears the moniker of Happiest Country in the World.

The main airport is found in Helsinki offering private chartered flights alongside commercial airlines but there are 29 others dotted around the region, serving urban hubs and tourism hotspots.

Finland has much to offer even the most seasoned traveller. With plenty of opportunities to get lost in nature and take advantage of the copious amounts of luxury sauna hideaways.

Before you book a charter plane, you’ll need to decide when to visit a country whose seasons are stark opposites to one another. Fly out in the summer months and you’ll experience sun-filled days that stretch on and on. In winter the sun all but disappears leaving a magical vista of snow and stars and of course the chance to see the impressive Northern Lights.

And where to stay? Naturally, Helsinki as the capital will draw your eye and for good reason. This vibrant seaside town is packed full of fun and culture while at the same time offering a more laid back feel than other European counterparts.

With several islands to explore, you could spend days getting to know this exciting city but there’s more to Finland than just its capital.

Don’t miss Lakeland, an expanse of lakes, canals, rivers and forests stretching across hundreds of kilometres. Explore the area by boat, stay at a lakeside cottage. Relaxation is guaranteed.

Heading to the extreme north of the country you’ll find Lapland. The iconic home of Santa Claus, host to reindeer and husky and where, for 200 nights of the year, you’ll be able to experience the fabled Northern Lights.

But even outside of winter this arctic region has much to offer. If hiking and wellbeing breaks appeal, then take a trip here and experience the world’s cleanest air.

Finally, a word on food. While not globally recognised for its cuisine, the Finns are passionate about what they put on their plates. There are traditional savoury pastries to sample, cinnamon buns, and the long-awaited crayfish season between July and September.

High-end accommodation is plentiful and most often combined with luxury wellbeing facilities, including the ubiquitous sauna. From hotels in the heart of the city to glass domes in the middle of the forest, Finland caters for all tastes and offers exceptional variety.