Bicycles, canals and tulips – the lowlands of the Netherlands are famous for these picture-postcard images but there’s so much more to discover.

And as your private charter flight touches down at any number of large commercial airports, or smaller-scale private airfields, you’re in for a treat.

It’s for good reason that the Netherlands, or informally Holland, is ranked so highly internationally for economic freedom, quality of life and happiness.

If you’re starting your journey in the country’s capital Amsterdam, you’ll travel the 5 miles into the city and to any number of luxury boutique hotels or more quirky accommodation.

Book a room or suite at one of the Pulitzer’s 25 canal houses and enjoy views across the water, or try the quirky nhow Amsterdam RAI, complete with colourful murals, an onsite gym and a welcome pets policy.

But Amsterdam, so synonymous with freedom and fun, is far from the only city to add to your list of places to visit.

Second largest city Rotterdam, also holds a special position in the country as the second-largest city and economic giant. And as home to the country’s busiest port, this bustling destination is full of life, with a distinctly international feel to it.

It’s also home to such foodie delights as the two-starred Michelin restaurant, Parkheuvel, run by the Van Loo family. Even a cursory tour of the city highlights the colourful, bold architecture at every turn.

Alongside the major cities, also including The Hague and Utrecht, is the cultural fabric of the Netherlands woven around the country’s affinity with water. If you have time, a stopover at Dordrecht and its fantastic harbour is a day well spent.

If the natural world excites you, then a trip to Wadden Islands is a chance to see seals up close and personal at this UNESCO World Heritage site.

When it comes to climate and the best time of year to visit, the Netherlands enjoys a maritime climate featuring warm winters and cooler summers.

Summertime is warm, without being too hot and temperatures average around 17°C, dropping to around 10°C as autumn approaches. Winters are cold but rarely drop below freezing, making it a year-round destination.

You can’t write about the Netherlands without mentioning the Dutch people themselves, always ready with a warm welcome, and always proud to showcase the very best of their country.

Whether you’re in town for work, a trip to The Hague or taking a bicycle tour of the lowlands, you won’t regret booking a private jet charter to the Netherlands.