A country of romance, intrigue, and great history, Russia is the enigmatic destination for your next private jet charter flight.

The world’s largest country has everything from resplendent natural beauty to a rich cultural heritage. Throw in some epic nightlife and you have the perfect mix for a long weekend or even longer.

All you’ll have to decide is which great city to visit first. St Petersburg with its fine port and world-famous Hermitage Museum or Moscow, the sprawling capital with its historic Red Square and imposing Kremlin buildings.

Your best option is to charter a flight between the two, taking in both of these impressive Russian metropolises.

When to visit Russia is another consideration. Tourist season well and truly takes effect at the beginning of June as the temperatures begin to climb. You can expect them to reach between 21°C and 25°C all the way through to August. The perfect temperature for exploring the cities, long into the balmy evenings.

But there is something unique about St Petersburg dressed in its snowy, winter finery and many visitors travel in the colder winter months to spend time in this architecturally stunning city, decorated with a shimmering white coat.

Whenever you visit, you’ll find much to entertain you. After exploring the delights of Moscow, you might consider heading into the Losiny Ostrov National Park, 128KM2 of stunning forest.

Grab a sleigh ride and explore the area visiting deer and elk and many other species of wildlife and unique plant life.

Some seven hours away by car and St Petersburg awaits you. Just outside the city lies the famous Catherine Palace and its imposing grounds. Given as a gift from the Tsar to his wife, the palace boasts a magnificent ballroom and chapel as well as stunning gardens and parkland.

Accommodation is plentiful and varied. Whether you’re looking for an eco-friendly retreat in the woods or prefer to relax in the settings of a luxurious hotel, you won’t find it hard to get what you need.

Moscow itself is awash with five-star offerings, including many high-end names such as Ritz-Carlton, Hilton, and Kempinski. Many of the buildings date back to before the Russian Revolution and offer traditional Russian service in luxury accommodation.

For those looking for a quirkier escape, book a cabin in the forest complete with a private pool and terrace.

Closer to St Petersburg you’ll find a similar offering of luxury escapes and private rentals, alongside smaller boutique hotels.

And when it comes to food, Russia is proud of its eating heritage. In towns and villages nearer the coast, you’ll find traditional fish soup, known as Ukha on offer and of course, a variety of blinis, stroganoffs, and borscht served everywhere from family-run eateries to high-end restaurants.

Russia is a feast for the senses. From stunning architectural sites that seem so familiar to hidden gems that will delight and surprise, there’s something new to taste, see or experience around every corner. Russian hospitality too is a delight and if you’re looking to immerse yourself in a luxurious getaway, this is exactly the right place for you.