Spain 2



In the height of summer, thousands flock to the white golden sands of this beautiful country and its surrounding islands but take a private charter flight at any time of year and Spain always delights.
This is a country of extremes. The north with its distinct Catalonian culture and stand-out cities like Barcelona, Girona and Tarragona. Then down south to the Andalusian region, with sun-drenched destinations such as Malaga, Madrid and Seville.

Off the mainland, you find the Balearic archipelago with Majorca, the largest of the islands and its capital Palma – famous for its striking gothic cathedral. A boat ride away is Ibiza, the White Island, famous for parties till dawn and its beautiful old town. Menorca and Formentera are also popular destinations but less so than their famous sisters.

If your passions lie in art and architecture, you’ll find your fill with gothic designs and Gaudi-influenced buildings. The country boasts many famous artistic sons and daughters including Picasso, Dali, Velázquez and Remedios Varo.

Spanish culture finds its forte in the food and wine of the region and a gastronomic tour of the country will include iconic tapas dishes featuring locally cured hams, gambas al ajillo, patatas bravas and fresh seafood. Soak up the beautiful wine with paella dishes, fideuà, tortillas and salted cod. Paired with complex reds such as Rioja, the lesser-known Priorat and of course sparkling, refreshing Cavas, dining out is a treat for all the senses.

Whether travelling to famous cities and taking in the picture-postcard scenery or spending time relaxing on the glorious beaches, there’s plenty to entertain and inspire wherever your private jet hire flies you to.

Accommodation too is as varied as your tastes. Opt for some opulence in the form of remote luxury villas, complete with staff and a pool. Get straight to the heart of the city with five-star city hotels or find a quirky, boutique residence filled with local art and charm.

For those preferring their own space, you’ll find a vast selection of houses, apartments and villas close to urban areas or set out in rural locations.

Getting around is as easy as renting a vehicle or choosing to hire a car and driver for the duration of your stay.

As for the weather, there are three distinct climate zones in this large country. As you’d expect the south has the driest, hottest weather with long, hot summers and mild winters. The vast central section of Spain experiences warm summers and a colder winter, while the north is often the coolest area to be in summer.

Whenever your visit and wherever your destination lies, the attractive lifestyle, thrilling art and to-die-for food will keep you returning again and again to this complex, fun country.