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India’s capital Delhi is situated in the northwest of the country and is home to 18.9 million people. Cuisine, arts and crafts, temples, nightlife, five star hotels, colonial architecture to skyscraper offices – Delhi has it all. And a convenient metro system that is cheap and easily navigable. From the revitalised Indira Gandhi International airport take the metro express into the heart of Delhi in just 20 minutes.

Here are 6 Delhi attractions that are a must-see for visitors to Delhi:

Connaught Place

Connaught Place (or CP to locals) is a fast-paced business and financial district with global retail brands, Indian restaurants, fun bars and even vintage cinemas such as the Plaza and the Rivoli. This energetic district is centred on a circle of Georgian-style buildings with fine colonnades, named after the first Duke of Connaught. Nearby Janpath market is highly recommended.

Red Fort

Built in 1638 by Emperor Shah Jahan as the base for his Mughal Empire, the Red Fort took 10 years to create and once overlooked the nearby Yamuna River.  The fort’s main entrance is at Chatta Chowk, a covered street bordered with archways that once housed the capital’s most talented artisans.

Raj Ghat – Ghandi Smitri

Rise early and visit this moving open-air memorial to Mahatma Gandhi. Surrounded by lush green gardens, the black marble platform centrepiece marks the spot where the leader of the independence movement against British colonial rule was cremated, following his assassination in 1948. Memorial ceremonies are held each Friday. Visit early morning for serene contemplation before the heat and the crowds arrive too.

Sundar Nagar Market

Located off Mathura Road, near Connaught Place and the Oberoi hotel, Sundar Nagar market is renowned for its superb art and antique shops. It’s genteel almost refined atmosphere is the backdrop to a wide selection of silver jewellery, art, carpets, textiles, Indian and Nepali handicrafts, replica ‘antiques’, furniture and fine Indian teas. The Regalia Tea House and Mittal Tea House are must-sees. As is the Basil & Thyme restaurant. For more alcoholic refreshment stop at No. 8.

Lodhi Gardens

Lodhi Gardens is one of Delhi’s most historic parks. Spanning some 90-acres, the gardens house the 15th-century Bara Gumbad tomb and mosque, as well as other tombs from the Lodhi era. The eight-pier bridge across the lake dates from the reign of Emperor Akbar.

Taj Majhal

Easily accessible by train from Delhi, the ivory-white marble mausoleum in Agra was built by the Moghul Emperor Shah Jahan in 1632, to house the remains of his favourite wife, Mumtaz Mahal. Take the non-stop Gatimaan Express from Delhi’s Hazrat Nizamuddin station and arrive 1 hour 40 minutes later. An easy day trip from Delhi.

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