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Europe’s most luxurious experiences

Europe is a fascinating continent, embedded with countless different cultures, and thousands of years’ worth of history.  There are different experiences to be had in every country, each with its own selection of sites, activities and cuisines. Here is Chapman Freeborn’s list of the top luxury experiences to be had in Europe, and where to find them.


Visit the Armani Spa in Milan


While travelling, there is nothing more indulgent than visiting a world-class spa in the middle of a cosmopolitan city.

The spa is located within the chic Armani Hotel Milano, and is designed to reflect the Armani lifestyle and design philosophies. The spa is more than 1,000 square metres and offers steam and sauna sessions, a relaxation pool, and plenty of peaceful spots overlooking the city from the top floor of the hotel. There’s no shortage of delectable treatments that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and recharged during your visit.

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Take a ride on the Orient Express


The Orient Express conjures up images of a bygone era of elegant, glamorous, slow travel that intrigues people the world over. The train played a significant role in the golden age of travel of the 1920s and 30s.

Climb aboard the Orient Express in London, Berlin, Paris or Venice and enjoy one of the many wonderful itineraries that the train embarks upon.

Today every carriage has been restored to its former glory. You can check into a sumptuous Cabin Suite, with two lounges by day, and a choice of bed configurations at night. Each cabin also has a dedicated steward who can help you with anything you may require during your journey.

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Take a helicopter tour over Monaco


Surely there’s no better way to view Monaco, and the surrounding landscape of the French Riviera, than from the skies?

Charter a helicopter departing from Monaco heliport and you’ll enjoy breathtaking aerial views of sea and sky, as well as some of the areas most interesting attractions. You’ll be able to pick out the Prince’s Palace, Monte Carlo Casino, the Grand Prix racetrack, and many more.

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Dine in an airport hangar in Salzburg


Dining inside an aircraft hangar doesn’t exactly sound like the most glamorous of experiences, however, Restaurant Ikarus is no ordinary restaurant.

The restaurant is housed within Hangar-7 – a unique building that houses a collection of 25 historical aircraft, helicopters and Formula 1 racing cars. It also features two bars, a lounge, art exhibits, and the Michelin starred Restaurant Ikarus.

The most exciting feature of the restaurant is that it features a different internationally renowned guest chef each month, who creates a bespoke menu from scratch. This means that the cuisine, style and dishes are all completely different each time you visit.

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Images courtesy of Pixabay users rhythmuswege and bogitw, and Wikipedia users Tobi 87, Herbert Ruhdorfer and Murdockcrc