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Exclusive time-lapse videos: Boeing B747-400F loading cargo

The Boeing 747-400F is the all-cargo variant of the B747-400 family. Considered the reliable workhorse of the air cargo industry, the aircraft entered commercial service in 1993, and well-over 100 models have been delivered since. The B747-400F is widely used by Chapman Freeborn for cargo charters, as well as long term lease contracts.

A main deck nose door and mechanised handling system as well as a lower deck side door make the 747-400F an effective solution for outsize cargo charter requirements.

Boeing 747-400F Stats

Main Deck Capacity: 605 cu. m30 Pallets (244cm x 318cm))
Lower Deck Capacity:  159 cu. M32 LD-1 containers
Maximum Payload: 112,630kg (112.6 tons)
Maximum Range: 8,230km
Typical City Pairs:  New York – Frankfurt | London – Beijing | Tokyo – Sydney
Typical Cruise Speed: 0.845 Mach* (560 mph) *at 35,000 feet

Below are two time-lapse videos taken as a B747-400F is nose-loaded on a recent air cargo charter operation co-ordinated by Chapman Freeborn.


Video shot by Sam Macadam