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Fly your own A380 and A320neo paper aircraft

Like most working environments, the odd paper airplane has been known to fly across Chapman Freeborn’s office from time to time – but even we were impressed with what we stumbled across on the Airbus website.

The aircraft manufacturing giant has produced a set of paper cut-outs so you can build and fly your own Airbus aircraft – and the templates are available as a free download on their website.

Templates are available for the A380 and the A320neo aircraft – an enhanced version of the A320 under development by Airbus (neo stands for “New Engine Option”).

While you don’t need a pilot’s licence to fly one of these paper aircraft, Airbus gives some handy tips for those planning a long-haul flight – including attaching a paperclip to the nose.

We’ve just finished creating our own paper Airbus A380, here’s a photo of the masterpiece!

You can download the templates on the Airbus website: