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Flying private with your pets

For most pet owners their pet is more than just a furry friend, it is a member of the family, and taking a vacation without it is almost unthinkable. You don’t want to leave them at home alone, but the alternative is to kennel them or place them in the cargo area of an airplane. Instead of choosing these options, consider hiring a private jet and letting your pet travel with you safely and comfortably.

Less stressful

Chartering a private jet offers you several advantages, especially when it comes to traveling with your pets. Chapman Freeborn has access to aircraft that allow your pets to roam freely in the cabin with you. Having them remain alongside you during the flight, they are likely to feel less stressed.

Travel requirements

If you want your pets to travel with you in the cabin of the chartered jet, there are a few requirements that must be met. Most importantly, you should visit a vet to make sure that they are fit to travel. You must also consider the below:

  • Pets must be weaned and at least eight weeks old
  • Every US state has specific guidelines and CDC requirements that must be met before travel
  • For international travel, you need to have current proof of rabies vaccinations and provide documentation in the same way if you were travelling commercially
  • Always make sure to check any documentation required before flying in or out of the United States, as other countries have different processes and lead time varies

It’s important that your pet has everything they need before boarding the aircraft.

The perks

Chartering a private jet allows you to travel in style and gives you and your pets a chance to get up and move around, breaking up the monotony of the flight and allowing you to relax and be comfortable. You don’t have to worry about others disrupting your peace and quiet. You can spend your time simply enjoying the travel time in comfort and style. It also dramatically reduces your travel time, allowing you to spend more time enjoying yourself and relaxing.

Contact Chapman Freeborn if you are interested in learning more about how your pets can travel with you in a comfortable and safe environment. Give us a call on +1 (954) 202-0750 or send us an email: to book your next private jet flight.