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Get outdoors in Canada’s National Parks

The Canadian Confederation turns 150 in 2017, and in order to commemorate and celebrate Canada’s birthday every single national park in the country is offering free admission to everyone. Canada currently has 44 national parks throughout its 13 provinces and territories, meaning there’s plenty of choice for visitors.

As well as offering free entry to all national parks, there will also be a range of activities throughout the year within the parks for Canadians and visitors alike. Free entry is also being offered to all historic sites and conservation areas for the entirety of 2017. What better time to visit!

Mont-Tremblant National Park

Within Mont-Tremblant National Park visitors will find a staggering array of outdoor activities to get involved in. There are six rivers and more than 400 lakes and streams within the park, making it ideal for those who enjoy water sports and other outdoor activities. Popular activities include canoeing, kayaking, rock climbing, stand up paddle boarding, fishing and much, much more.

This national park is also home to an astounding 40 different mammal species, including the wolf. It’s the perfect place for animal lovers to spot some rare animals that cannot easily be seen elsewhere.

Banff National Park

Banff National Park

Banff National Park was the first of all of Canada’s national parks, having been established in 1885. It spans more than 6,500 square kilometres and is home to some of Canada’s most picturesque and exciting landscapes. Within Banff, visitors will find stunning glaciers, mountains, valleys, dense forests, meadows and flowing rivers.

One of the most visited sites within Banff National Park is Lake Louise. Visitors travel from all across the globe to marvel at the dazzling emerald waters of the lake and if you’re in Banff you definitely shouldn’t miss the opportunity to see it for yourself.

Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

The Pacific Rim National Park Reserve covers an area of more than 500 square kilometres in Vancouver Island, British Columbia. This national park reserve is home to both rugged stretches of coastline and portions of lush, temperate rainforests, making it incredibly diverse and well worth spending some time exploring.

Within this national park, visitors can see the elusive Black Bear in its natural habitat as this area is abundant with these fascinating creatures. There are also opportunities to go surfing, fishing, kayaking, whale watching and more.

Jasper National Park

Jasper National Park

Jasper National Park can be found in the Alberta region of the country within the Canadian Rockies, and is home to the hottest thermal pools in the country and several glaciers in the Columbia Icefield.

There are hiking trails snaking throughout the majority of the 11,000 square kilometres of the national park, making it the perfect place to get in touch with Canadian nature. You’ll see some of the world’s most breath-taking landscapes in this region, where glacial icefields, craggy mountains and clear blue lakes are peppered throughout.

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