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Get to know Chapman Freeborn Dubai: Introducing Badr Tazi, Cargo Charter Associate

Badr Tazi joined Chapman Freeborn in May 2022 as Cargo Charter Associate. He is currently studying for a Master’s degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management and has a strong background in this sector, with experience interning at multinationals including DHL Global Forwarding.

Badr’s dream as a child was to become a pilot, and this love of planes and aviation is something that he has carried into his adult life and ultimately into his new role at Chapman Freeborn. He explains, “I was always fascinated by airplanes, whether they are carrying passengers or cargo. Whenever I’m near an airport I keep a keen eye out.”

As Cargo Charter Associate, Badr is focused on exploring new opportunities within North Africa – something that his linguistic skills greatly help with, “My ability to fluently speak French allows me to discover new niches and penetrate new markets.”

On a daily basis Badr discovers new leads, makes phone calls and responds to enquiries, ensuring that potential clients are familiar with Chapman Freeborn’s products and services.

Badr’s goal at Chapman Freeborn is to never stop learning. He said, “I keep a positive attitude and I set objectives for myself that I look forward to achieving, learning something every day and adding on to my knowledge. I’m 25 years old with my life in front of me, and I love my new job at Chapman Freeborn and the team I work with.”