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Specialists in rapid response

From evacuating corporate personnel in the wake of a major incident to repatriating holidaymakers from potential conflict zones, we are specialists in providing time-critical evacuation flights. 

Unexpected situations like political change, natural disasters, civil unrest and travel disruption can require a fast and professional response. Often a group charter flight is the best or even only option to leave the country or region safely and quickly.

Whether it’s a family, a group of colleagues or strangers that need help to get back home, we have different options to suit the specific situation according to the need and urgency. Our rapid response expertise means we are also called upon to fly search and rescue (SAR) teams with dogs and specialised equipment into disaster-stricken locations.

To ensure a safe and smooth operation, we can supply flight managers and round-the-clock support both on the ground and via our 24-hour flight operations team anywhere around the globe. We have the experience in evacuating people to the nearest medical facilities, a safer neighbouring country or back home within a foreseeable time. 

We pride ourselves on our ability to react rapidly to emergencies – including setting up time-critical flights outside of normal working hours. A private jet charter can even be reserved on a standby basis so that it can take off immediately for when you need it. Furthermore, our unrivalled global coverage allows aid providers to respond to a crisis anywhere in the world. 

How much does an evacuation flight cost?

Our team will choose the most suitable aircraft available, and the price of an evacuation flight will differ depending on the situation (for example rescue flights or repatriation flights), as well as group size, assistance needed and the specific destination. Our team of advisors individually calculates the cost according to the hours spent in the air and other factors.

Contact us for emergency evacuation flights and more information 24/7/365.

We provide specialist solutions for:

  • Repatriation flights
  • Search & rescue flights
  • Humanitarian cargo
  • Medevac
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