On board catering, equipment and branding

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Enhance your sports teams air charter experience

The experts at Chapman Freeborn have an in-depth understanding of the importance of nutrition for sports professionals. We will secure a catering solution perfectly aligned to the nutritional requirements of your individual team members.

We will work with your team’s chefs to understand menus and guarantee the timing of meals, liaising with any associated catering companies where necessary to ensure the most nutritious meals for our passengers.

Different sports require different equipment which means luggage requirements vary hugely from team to team. Chapman Freeborn will secure the correct aircraft to suit your team’s specific equipment and luggage needs.

Where possible we will arrange for luggage to be screened prior to your team’s arrival to the aircraft, speeding up the process and enabling the passengers to turn up shortly before their departure rather than hours beforehand.

Personalise your journey

Chapman Freeborn works with a range of suppliers to ensure the best amenities are provided on board every sports team charter flight.

We can work with you prior to the group air charter to source various items to personalise your journey, the only limit is your imagination!

A Chapman Freeborn Flight Representative can join you on-board during your flight allowing passengers to rest undisturbed, knowing that we are on hand to liaise with the crew on your behalf where required.

We offer:

  • Team-branded headrests
  • Comfortable blankets
  • Pillows
  • Branded food items
  • Branded welcome mats
  • Amenities packs
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