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Happy National Aviation Day from Chapman Freeborn

August 19th marks National Aviation Day. This holiday coincides with the birthday of aviation pioneer Orville Wright who, alongside his brother Wilbur, invented, built and flew the world’s first motor-operated aircraft. Named the Wright Flyer after its creators, its inaugural flight was on December 17th 1903 and thus the “pioneer era” of aviation began.

Designated a holiday by Franklin D Roosevelt in 1939, National Aviation Day is primarily observed in the United States. However, here at Chapman Freeborn we would like to celebrate this special day with everyone across the globe!

The aviation industry faced a multitude of trials and tribulations over the past 18 months as the COVID-19 pandemic gripped the world. Commercial flights and recreational travel came to a halt, and moving cargo was more important than ever whilst also being a huge challenge – appropriate aircraft were in short supply, and airport closures and restrictions presented many obstacles.

However, as we reach National Aviation Day 2021, we can now look to the future much more optimistically. The pandemic still exists, but the world is beginning to open up now.

Chapman Freeborn is seeing more people travelling recreationally than have been for the past year and a half, with our passenger team organising many exciting charters, from romantic honeymoons to Greek golfing holidays and even a renaissance in the benefits of private air travel.

However, on National Aviation Day we also want to reflect on the integral part Chapman Freeborn has played in helping people over the past year. We have transported hundreds of thousands of aid across the globe, including millions of PPE items, 90 pallets of oxygen cylinders, over 1,300CBM of COVID-19 test kits, and even a mobile hospital.

There is certainly much about this amazing industry to celebrate today, and much to look forward to as it continues to bounce back and thrive. Aviation is an industry of saving lives, keeping industries moving and helping people make once-in-a-lifetime memories.

Wherever you are in the world, we would love you to join us in thinking about the part aviation has played in your life – the trips you’ve been on, the products you use, the goods you’ve received, the colleagues you’ve worked with, the sports teams you’ve supported and the people you interact with every day. Chances are that aviation has impacted many areas of your life, and because of that we wish you a very happy National Aviation Day!