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High-End Features of Luxury Villas

On most occasions, hotels do not offer the same level of space, privacy and home comforts as a private villas do. No matter how luxurious the hotel is, it will just not feel like home. Here are features that we think all high-end villa rentals shouldn’t be without to ensure the perfect stay during your trip.


Swimming Pool


There’s no better feeling when embarking upon a sunshine holiday than knowing you’ll have your own private pool to dive into. Having your own pool offers unlimited privacy and the chance to swim at any time without worrying about what time the pool area opens or closes.

A private pool is also perfect for children (or big kids!) who want to have the chance to splash around without worrying about soaking strangers who are looking for a more leisurely pool experience.

Villa Mas Mateu in Barcelona, for example, features an infinity swimming pool with gorgeous scenic views over the Emporda and the Pyrenees.


Outdoor Space


Having some private outdoor space can make all the difference when renting a villa. If you’re staying in an exotic location with sunshine and warm weather then it’s only right that you’ll want to be outdoors as much as possible.

Having an outside terrace where you can relax on a sun lounger, or an outside dining area where you can enjoy al fresco meals will enhance your holiday experience no end.

Rome’s Villa Elda features an extensive park and beautiful nature all around. The villa is perfectly located, in the lake Bracciano area, to make the most of the pleasure of the Italian countryside while still being close to Rome.


Private Chef


When travelling, food should always be a priority, and trying out new dishes is always an exciting part of visiting somewhere new. If you’re not the best cook, or you just don’t want to waste precious time during your holiday in the kitchen, then a villa that comes complete with a private chef is surely the ultimate luxury.

Many villas around the world give guests the option to hire in a chef for the duration of their trip, or just to whip up one special dinner. The private Ibizan island of Tagomago is full staffed in order to accommodate for dining, catering and cleaning. What could be better than that?


Fully-Stocked Bar


When you’re on holiday you’re going to want to relax and indulge in a few cocktails or glasses of local wine, so why not do it in the privacy of your own bar? There are many exquisite properties around the world that come complete with their own fully-stocked and staffed bars to leave you with nothing more to worry about than having fun.


Beach Space


If you’re renting a gorgeous villa on the seafront, then it’s only natural that you’d want a little slice of private beach to relax on.

If this sounds like heaven to you then take a look at Villa Mathilde in Corsica, Imperial Spa Villa on Zakynthos Island and Plantation Cove in The Bahamas. Villa del Mar in Marbella is a lavish seafront Andalusian villa located in Marbella’s Golden Mile, which provides incredible sea views as well as a direct and private access to the beach and the promenade


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