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Highlights of Reykjavik | Private jet charter

Iceland’s capital is a superb base to explore the rest of this volcanic island, as well as an ideal weekend destination in itself. Iceland is steeped in Viking history, with geothermal pools, active volcanoes and a vibrant restaurant and café culture. The ultimate adventure and escape destination. Here are 8 reasons to visit Reykjavik.

Hallgrímskirkja church

Reykjavik’s most recognised landmark, Hallgrimskirkja church is an extraordinary architectural masterpiece, designed by Guðjón Samúelsson in 1937. Its sweeping tower is visible from across the city and it also houses an impressive 15m-high organ. The statue taking pride of place in front of the church is of explorer Leifur Eiríksson, who is said to have discovered America 500 years before Columbus. The views from the top are unmissable.

Arbaer Open Air Museum

A fascinating living museum that comprises a farm, a village and even a town square.

There are many exhibitions and events held at the Museum that highlight specific periods in Reykjavík’s history. These include craft days, vintage car displays, Christmas exhibitions and much more. There is something for the whole family at Arbaer Open Air Museum.

Videy Island

If you’re looking for an escape from the city, take the ferry from Skarfabakki pier and Ægisgarður harbour across to Videy Island. It has numerous walking and cycling trails, ancient ruins and even artwork by Yoko Ono (the Imagine Peace Tower) as well as Richard Serra (the Milestones Project). The church here is one of the oldest in Iceland.

Mount Esja

Visible from across Reykjavik, the dominating 914m-high Mount Esja is an easy day trip and has excellent hiking trails. The summit is often covered in snow so ensure you are wearing warm clothing whatever the season.

Blue Lagoon

Indulge in the healing properties of the geo-thermal waters at the Blue Lagoon. Located close to Keflavik International Airport, this mineral-rich lagoon is a superb way to heal mind, body and spirit, with in-the-water spa treatments as you relax in the silica and algae. If you want to stay longer there’s the option of a night or two at the Blue Lagoon Clinic Hotel.

National Museum of Iceland

Learn about the country’s rich history here via exhibitions and displays from Viking settlements to Iceland’s modern-day culture. Among the 2,000 artefacts is a medieval door, the Valthjófsstadur door featuring engravings from the 12th century. The museum also has a permanent photography exhibition called Making of a Nation.

Old Town district and Lake Tjörnin

A popular walking spot for locals and tourists, the Old Town has fascinating architecture that includes Iceland’s 19th-century Parliament building as well as Reykjavik City Hall. Lake Tjornin is a paradise for birds with more than 50 species making the area their home.

Kolaportið flea market

Some of the best bargains in the city are here at Kolaportið flea market. Located at Reykjavik’s harbour, you’ll find books, vintage clothes and some great souvenirs. It’s also a great place to sample some of the city’s finest slow food, especially the tasty rye bread. Apparently, it’s made underground using the city’s geo-thermal heating supply.

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