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Is St. Patrick’s Day tempting you to Ireland?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day – a holiday that is arguably celebrated more around the world than it is in Ireland itself. Due to the country’s strong Irish heritage, there are parades and festivities held across the United States, with crowds all dressed in green indulging in traditional Irish food and drink. The holiday is primarily a celebration of Irish and American culture, however as with many other American events like Halloween and Black Friday, the craze has spread to the rest of the world.  So if today instills some Gaelic spirit within you, and you decide that you need to experience Ireland first-hand, then read on to discover the most popular destinations we can fly you to in The Emerald Isle.



Airports to fly to: Cork Airport, Kerry Airport, Waterford Airport


Cork is known to many as Ireland’s second city, however to the locals, it is the ‘real capital of Ireland’. By this, they mean that here is where the culture and traditions of the country are strongest. Around every corner is a cosy pub hosting a live music session, and dozens of artisan coffee bars are scattered along the River Lee, which meanders through the city. Architectural wonders are found throughout Cork, most notably in St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral and St. Anne’s Church, where visitors can climb the tower and ring the 300-year-old Shandon Bells. Further afield is Blarney Castle, host of the Blarney Stone, which if kissed, is said to grant the gift of eloquence.



Airports to fly to: Kerry Airport, Cork Airport, Shannon Airport


A paradise for hikers and climbers, Kerry is home to Ireland’s ten highest peaks. The county is has been carved away over millennia by the Atlantic Ocean, forming some of the country’s most impressive scenery, including the Lakes of Killarney and the landscapes of the Beara and Dingle peninsulas. Many adventurous types choose to stay in the small coastal town of Dingle, as from here visitors can access several trails that stretch along the jagged and mountainous Kerry coast. Conor Pass is one of the most popular of these. From Dingle, trekkers take on a scenic and windy mountain path that is famous for providing incredible views of the county and also passing by a waterfall that was formed from a cliff that once housed a glacier.



Airports to fly to: Galway Airport, Shannon Airport


Galway is expected to see a significant rise in tourists soon thanks to global pop sensation, Ed Sheeran, including a song about the city on his latest album, which has seemly broken all album records everywhere. Galway is the perfect base for exploring the whole of West Ireland – after a long day at one of the many coastal towns, villages, and landmarks, visitors can kick back at one of the countless traditional Galway pubs and unwind. Excursions to the nearby Cliffs of Moher is a must. The world famous cliffs are one of the most popular destinations in Ireland and receive approximately one million visitors a year.



Airports to fly to: Dublin Airport, Weston Airport


Dublin, the capital of Ireland, is the most visited destination in the country. The tranquil and characteristic atmosphere that visitors experience in other Irish cities and towns is dramatically different in here, where the quiet ambiance is replaced by lively crowds and bustling bars around every corner. Over a third of the country’s population live in Dublin, and they tend to be very proud of their city’s heritage. Famous for its literary history, the city homes the world renowned Trinity College Library; a vast two-floor chamber filled with over 200,000 books. Other popular historical sites include the 13th century Dublin Castle, and also St Patrick’s Cathedral, which is the largest cathedral in the country.