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Jet into stylish Switzerland

In the central European region lies Switzerland, landlocked on all sides by Italy, France, Austria and Germany. This is a contemporary country with a bustling economy and a wealth of things to offer.

Geneva and Zurich are two of the most visited cities in Switzerland and are the most popular places in the country that Chapman Freeborn charter private jets to and from. Should you wish to travel elsewhere in the country (or the world!) contact our expert team to arrange your jet charter.



At the southern tip of Lake Geneva, in the shadow of the Alps and the Jura Mountains, lies the city of Geneva. Despite being only Switzerland’s third-largest city, Geneva attracts visitors from around the world, and is thought by many to be the capital, although that honour is actually held by the city of Bern.

Geneva is a cosmopolitan city and is one of the most expensive in Europe, due to playing host to more than 200 governmental and non-governmental international organisations. Thanks to being home to so many international organisations the city is filled with luxury hotels, boutique and designer shops and plenty of delicious eateries.

Take your pick of fabulous five-star hotels for your trip. Favourites include the Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues Geneva, Beau-Rivage, Hotel President Wilson, Mandarin Oriental Geneva and the d’Angleterre Geneva.

Charter a private jet to Geneva to discover all that this picturesque city has to offer. Geneva Airport is a mere 4 miles from the city, Annemasse Aerodrome is just 8 miles away and Annecy – Haute Savoie – Mont Blanc Airport is 24 miles from the city.



Zurich is the most populous city in Switzerland and sits in the north of the country on the banks of Lake Zurich. The city has both medieval and incredibly modern architecture which blend together perfectly to give the city a rather unique feel.

Zurich is a global centre for finance and banking, making the city incredibly wealthy. This means the city, like Geneva, is home to fantastic shops, high-end hotels and world-renowned restaurants.

If you fancy shopping on one of the world’s most famous shopping streets, then head to Bahnhofstrasse – Zurich’s main streets and one of the most exclusive shopping destinations around. On this street you’ll find an array of international designer stores and some superb Swiss jewellers.

The historical centre of Zurich – the Altstadt – is filled with winding narrow lanes, medieval architecture and Renaissance period touches. The two towers of the Grossmunster church stand prominently in this area and are the most recognised landmarks in the city. For stunning views out over the city and the lake, head to the top of the tower. The 200 steps to get the top are well worth it to be rewarded with the view.

Charter a private jet to Zurich to discover all of this and more. Zurich Airport is located just 7 miles from the centre of the city and, a little further afield, is Buochs Airport around 40 miles away.