ACMI Leasing Director, Americas

United States, Remote

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We are looking for an experienced ACMI Leasing Director who wants to learn and grow with the global Chapman Freeborn team.

The successful candidate will have 3-5 years’ experience running an ACMI team.

If you have the skills and ability to succeed in this role we want to hear from you! 

Purpose of the Role

  • To develop, in conjunction with the holding company’s Board of Directors’ requirements, the Americas ACMI & Leasing Strategies on an annual basis.
  • To advise and support the President (Americas) / Global ACMI Director / Brokers in implementing the agreed annual ACMI & Leasing Strategies.
  • To work closely with the President (Americas) to align and coordinate operations and sales activities (in line with Board of Directors overall Strategies) for the commercial benefit of the group and to provide solutions where issues arise.
  • To monitor and regularly report progress to the Global Director of ACMI
  • Working alongside President (Americas)/Global Director of ACMI to help train and develop broking staff within company standard operating procedures.
  • Working with ASG company airlines to sell their capacity in the ACMI / Leasing market
  • To Develop the ACMI /Leasing product throughout the Americas

Key Job Responsibilities

Client relationship management

  • To work with existing and potential airline clients and handle enquiries from conception to execution by offering tailored solutions suitable to client requirements within budgetary and operational restrictions while making suitable profit for the company.
  • Liaise with clients to identify requirements and source suitable, competitive aircraft solutions.
  • Maintain and develop relationships with both key clients / airlines and new business leads to maximize business opportunities.

Inter-airline broking

  • Responsible for the liaison between airlines to find suitable solutions for the demand at short notice across various time zones and cultures.
  • Ensure that all operational aspects are relayed between the airlines to ensure on time operation.

Contract Management

  • Ensure all contracts are made according to company requirements, are accurate and legally compliant with managers approval.
  • Liaise with clients and suppliers on issues relating to contracts to ensure these are addressed.
  • To create and develop leasing opportunities within the aviation industry.
  • To negotiate lease contracts and maintain a full in depth understanding of lease requirements.
  • Maintain an ability to undertake wet, damp and dry leases.

Sales Strategy

  • Responsible for developing the Americas ACMI & Leasing Strategies and implementing related business objectives across the Group in line with Board of Directors requirements.
  • Working in conjunction with President (Americas) / Global ACMI Director /Brokers, to develop with them, plans in line with ACMI & Leasing Sales Strategies and to support the maintenance of relationships with existing and new clients, as well as suppliers, to generate further business.
  • Monitor progress monthly against ACMI & Leasing Strategies


  • Provide leadership by example and hands-on support to President (Americas) / Global ACMI Director /Brokers.
  • Foster a highly collaborative, commercial approach to inter-company business encouraging greater communication at all levels.
  • Positively communicate ACMI & Leasing Strategies outlined by the Global ACMI Director to President.
  • Lead and inspire President (Americas) / Global ACMI Director /Brokers to provide mentoring, training and development of team members, whilst fostering an open, team spirited business culture.

Key customer, supplier and GSA relationships

  • In line with the agreed ACMI & Leasing Strategies, to be responsible for the management, sourcing, performance and monitoring of group incentive arrangements with customers, suppliers and GSA relationships on local, regional and global level.
  • Generate sales activity for ACMI & Leasing for all customers on a regional perspective.
  • Continuously source for new operators/suppliers (carriers) to ensure necessary relationships are built and an increase in active clients is achieved ongoing.

Qualities We Look For

  • Team player to work in a fast-paced environment
  • Strong relationship building, account management & customer service skills
  • Strong ethics and reliability
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Analytical and goal oriented
  • Ability to successfully balance client needs with business objectives

What’s In It For You

  • Competitive salary
  • Comprehensive benefits package
  • Opportunity to join a global company and be part of a diverse international team
  • Unlimited access to thousands of courses on LinkedIn Learning platform

With almost 50 years of experience, the Chapman Freeborn group provides a diverse range of aviation-related services on a global basis. Our expertise in all areas of the air charter industry makes us the number one choice for many of the world’s leading logistics providers, multinational corporations, travel partners, and well-known names from the entertainment business.

Whether it’s arranging the delivery of oil equipment to a remote location, organizing flights for a professional sports team, or booking private jets to an island resort, the sky’s the limit when it comes to the charter business.

Chapman Freeborn is a family member of Avia Solutions Group, a leading global aerospace services group with almost 100 offices and production stations providing aviation services and solutions worldwide. Avia Solutions Group unites a team of more than 7000 professionals, providing state-of-the-art solutions to the aviation industry and beyond.

Chapman Freeborn aims to promote equality, diversity, fairness and respect for all future and current staff at all levels of the organization. We aim to provide equal opportunities in all aspects of employment and to ensure that the talent and skills of all individuals are maximized.

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