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Chapman Freeborn and Ruslan International deliver special gift to mark Armenian centenary commemorations

Chapman Freeborn Airchartering and Ruslan International have completed a special and very significant assignment to Armenia to deliver broadcasting equipment from Tianjin in China to the capital city, Yerevan.

The equipment was a gift from the people of China to the people of Armenia to ensure TV coverage of the country’s centenary commemorations, which remembers the estimated one and a half million civilians who lost their lives during the last days of the Ottoman empire.

Chapman Freeborn’s China team commissioned the flight on behalf of its client, selecting heavy air cargo specialist Ruslan International due to its expertise in transporting heavy and outsize cargo to all parts of the world and its high levels of customer service.

The 40-ton cargo was made up of three outside broadcast vehicles and associated equipment including a portable generator. The height of one of the vehicles presented something of a challenge – but one that Ruslan International resolved with the use of a special flat extension ramp that ensured a smooth loading process.

Commenting on the project, Allen Liu at Chapman Freeborn said:

“We are proud to have assisted our client with this cargo charter operation and played a role in marking this important occasion. We would like to thank Ruslan International for its professionalism in ensuring that it reached its destination safely and on time.”

Alexander Kraynov at Ruslan International added:

“We are pleased to have assisted Chapman Freeborn with this project and honoured to deliver such a special cargo to Armenia.  All of the loads we carry are important but this cargo has particular significance due to its role in helping the people of Armenia commemorate the centenary of such a defining moment in their history.”