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Chapman Freeborn delivers Arctic research station to northern Greenland

Chapman Freeborn, along with logistics partners GAC Norway and POLOG, has successfully completed an operation to deliver pre-fabricated building materials to Station Nord in northern Greenland for the construction of a new Arctic research station.

The airlift project involved transporting 210 tons of cargo to Station Nord (BGNO) by means of 17 Antonov AN-12 charter flights out of Longyearbyen, Norway (LYR).

The dimensions and weight of the 232 item consignment posed a particular challenge, and meticulous planning was required to ensure safe and efficient loading of the cargo onto the AN-12.

Located only 924 km (574 miles) from the North Pole, the remote scientific outpost is only accessible by air. With average temperatures of -14°C, and reaching lows of -50°C in the winter, sea ice would only allow for the passage of supply ships every five to ten years.

When complete the new research facilities will consist of three buildings and 633 square metres of floor space, and will be used to monitor Arctic air pollution.

Kim Borgaard, Regional Sales Manager Scandinavia at Chapman Freeborn comments:

“Inclement weather conditions and the remote location of Station Nord made the operation a challenge from the outset. However our expertise and experience operating in the region allowed us to carry out a smooth operation that transported over 200-tons of cargo to one of the most remote locations in the world.”

High-res photos of the operation can be downloaded here