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Chapman Freeborn utilises in-house assets to ease cargo demand into North America

Following the announcement of President Trump’s travel ban on 26 European countries, the cargo industry has seen a sharp decrease in aircraft capacity from Europe to the United States.

Commodities such as food items, pharmaceutical goods, medical supplies, consumer goods etc. that would have typically travelled as belly freight on board passenger aircraft have now entered the ad-hoc cargo market, further tipping the balance of capacity/demand. The capacity issue is exacerbated by the fact that many cargo aircraft are already dedicated to easing the current demand in Asia.

However, Chapman Freeborn has worked tirelessly over the past week to formulate a solution that adds real value to the industry. Together with subsidiary Magma Aviation, Chapman Freeborn has secured nine weekly rotations on board its in-house fleet of B747Fs aircraft from the EU to the US.

This is in addition to the direct aircraft availability via Avia Solutions Group sister companies, Bluebird Nordic, Smartlynx, Avion Express and Klasjet.

Kim Borgaard, Chapman Freeborn Scandinavia general manager comments,

“We have seen a surge in requests for cargo into the United States from across Europe. In fact, with the grounding of many passenger fleets, we have seen an increase in cargo demand across the board.

“Wherever possible, we’re working with clients to consolidate cargo and sell capacity at an affordable rate. It’s times like these that Chapman Freeborn’s global office is a huge benefit – we can transport smaller movements by utilising capacity on booked part-charters.”

This is a fluid and evolving time for all, but the entire charter industry is doing its utmost to smooth out these peaks where it can.