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Russi Batliwala celebrates his 35th anniversary at Chapman Freeborn

Russi Batliwala, Chairman at Chapman Freeborn, celebrates 35 years with the leading air charter broker this summer.

Coming from an aviation family, Russi was naturally drawn to the industry, and he began his career working for commercial airlines after he arrived in Germany aged 21. It was not long before a job advertisement caught his eye in 1987: ‘Aviation company needs a pair of hands to help’.

Within days Russi had joined Chapman Freeborn, which at the time was focused on automotive cargo, as a trainee charter broker.

As the years advanced so too did Russi’s career at Chapman Freeborn. He took over management of Chapman Freeborn Germany in 1990, and of the group’s worldwide cargo product in 2000. In 2009 he became CEO of the Group, and ever since Russi has been instrumental in the development of the company’s global expansion strategy, setting up many key global charter operations and subsidiary businesses in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and North America.

This ever-evolving development is something that is especially important to Russi, who comments: “Diversity and innovation are crucial to the survival of a business – standing still has certainly never been an option.”

Photo: Russi Batliwala

On the occasion of Russi’s 35th anniversary, Chapman Freeborn CEO Eric Erbacher comments:

“Let me take this occasion to thank Russi very much for arriving at this amazing milestone and for being an earnest part of our group. He has delivered and continues to deliver countless achievements and accomplishments, and without his support our company would never have been as successful as it is. It is his enthusiasm and dedication that have brought us to this height.

I look forward to lots more fun in moving our company forward together, alongside all of the other great people in the Chapman Freeborn Group. And Russi, I already cannot wait for the next party on your 40th anniversary!”

Photo: Russi Batliwala and Eric Erbacher