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The latest news from the Estelle Trust – Chapman Freeborn’s nominated charity

If you read Chapman Freeborn’s website and e-newsletter regularly, you will know that we post updates about our involvement with the Estelle Trust.

With regular contributions, we support this charity’s efforts in improving the lives of people in rural Zambia.

We encourage our charter clients and business partners to support The Estelle Trust. From contributing to a wind pump to sponsoring an orphan’s schooling – you could help us make a difference.

Here’s how our contributions have helped recently:

First graduates from the Arulussa Farm Pre-School

The first class at the Arulussa Farm School has graduated: 17 children graduated from the Estelle Trust funded pre-school in December having reached the primary school age of seven years old.

Many of the children have been enrolled in the ‘All Kids Can Learn’ primary school which is part of the orphanage that is next door to Arulussa Farm.

Adult literacy classes

The adult literacy class at the school now has 12 adult students. After some initial delays the Afya Mzuri HIV/AIDS awareness and community health programme started in December.

Natimwa Learning Centre

The Trust’s close involvement with the development of the Kachele Village community and district health and educational facilities continues, which has been greatly assisted by the contributions from Chapman Freeborn.

In 2012 the Trust will support the development of the Natimwa Learning Centre by paying for the salaries of two teachers and providing resources for the school library which is currently under construction.

Touching Kids Lives – a self-help community programme

The Estelle Trust is funding a project run by RICAP (Rise Community Aid Programme) in Kafue. RICAP is a community-based volunteer organisation that was set up in 2005 in response to the rapidly emerging problems of HIV and AIDS: the prevalence rate of HIV/AIDS in the Kafue District is 19.2% of the population.

This particular project is called the ‘Touching Kids Lives’ OVC Support Project and it has three elements. School requisites such as shoes, uniforms, books and exam fees will be provided for 130 school-age children. There will also be a supplementary feeding programme for 20 malnourished under-five year olds.

The third element is the support through small grants to 20 female-headed households to start small scale marketing enterprises such as selling kapenta beans, fish, groceries and charcoal.

The Estelle Trust was formed as a private charitable fund in 2004. After an initial period in which contributions were made to established aid agencies, in 2006 it started to fund and initiate specific aid projects in Zambia.