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Outsourced flight support tailored to you in the evolving aviation industry post-pandemic

As optimism grows for a world the other side of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is time to think about some of the changes that we will see in the aviation industry. These changes will be necessary for the industry to adapt to the new economic environment, and both revenue generation and cost reductions will play a part in the return to sustainable operations post-pandemic.

Chapman Freeborn is abreast of these requirements and has a number of services already in place to assist operators in embracing these changes and in turn, meet their objectives.

Maintaining an experienced flight operations department round the clock, all year round is an expensive undertaking for any operator, not to mention logistically challenging – perfectly managing demand between peak periods and during quieter hours is a fine balance. This is where Chapman Freeborn’s outsourced Flight Support services can help.

By outsourcing the Flight Support to us, we can take the tricky planning and scheduling out of your hands in a cost-effective and convenient way. We can provide cover whenever you need it, whether that be during peak periods of peak demand, quieter times of to cover staff absence due to illness or holiday. Alternatively, we can provide a fully outsourced flight operations solution which utilises cutting-edge computerised flight planning.

Operators generate additional revenue to supplement that made from scheduled flights by also operating non-scheduled flights or charter operations to unfamiliar destinations. Again, this can be a logistical challenge not to mention very labour-intensive, as it requires setting up the flights, arranging handling and co-ordinating all necessary authorities. This puts additional pressure on busy operations teams.

Chapman Freeborn can assist with this too, relieving the pressure that ad-hoc operations put on your team by arranging the necessary services for you via our network of trusted and approved suppliers.

From fully automated flight plans, flight briefs, and ground operations support, to liaising with handling agents, and all the normal functions provided by your operations centre, Chapman Freeborn provides an outsourced Flight Support option to suit your requirements. You decide the level of support needed, and we provide a service tailored to your exact needs.

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