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Plan the ultimate Super Bowl excursions with a chartered flight

It’s official: The New England Patriots will be facing off against the Philadelphia Eagles in this year’s NFL Super Bowl LII on Sunday, February 4th 2018!

Every year, the NFL Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event in the United States, and that can sometimes make getting to the location quite difficult. However, Chapman Freeborn has solutions that can help get you to Minneapolis, MN with plenty of time before the big game.

Whether you are a group of friends looking for the ultimate Super Bowl experience or a large corporation looking to reward some of your best employees, a private or corporate jet charter is the way to go. No matter where you are located, we can have a private jet in the air to your location in time to get you to the greatest event in the football history. We can accommodate small, intimate groups or entire departments, making sure everyone on board is ready to enjoy the game.

The Ultimate Super Bowl Excursion

The Super Bowl is the climax of the football season. Many people who attend don’t just go to the game. They spend a few days attending Super Bowl parties and making the best of their miniature getaway. When you book a charter flight with Chapman Freeborn, we will make sure you get to your destination in enough time to pack as much fun as possible into just a few short days.

Depending on your schedule, we can book your flight to arrive any time of the day or night making sure you get where you need to be with plenty of time to spare.

Make the Most of the Adventure

With the Super Bowl being held in a different location each year, you can plan an entire adventure around the game. Do a little research about the city and find out what it has to offer. Most stadiums are located near the best 5-star restaurants and shopping facilities in the area. If you plan to travel a few days in advance, take in a show or visit a few historical landmarks. If you are going to charter a flight and travel in the highest level of comfort, you should also make plans that allow you to make the most of every minute.

Planning a getaway for corporate professionals is no different. Take the time to find the best restaurants in the area and put together an itinerary that allows them to mix a little business with pleasure. The ultimate goal is to get the most out of every dollar. Small trips like this also act as a reward for your employees who have gone over and above your expectations. Show your appreciation by sparing no expense and providing them with a few days they will remember for many years.

Make Your Plans Well in Advance

The Super Bowl is one of the main sporting events in the country. Tickets sell out well in advance of the event, as do hotel rooms, rental cars, and other services that are geared towards the tourist industry. Most travel agencies encourage you to make your reservation up to a year in advance of the actual event. This ensures that you get the very best in accommodations when it comes to your lodging and rental car.

We know that sometimes there are time-sensitive requests, and we can work around those deadlines to find the best possible flight to get you to your destination as quickly and effectively as possible. We strive to accommodate each of our clients’ needs. To ensure that you get the time slot you want when booking your flight, we encourage you to make your flight arrangements well in advance of the actual event.

Your Private Jet Charter Awaits

Private jet charter services are not all the same. When you book your jet charter through Chapman Freeborn, we make sure that the flight is customized around your needs. This includes state of the art amenities, the most comfortable seats, and customized catering options. We have jets that provide varying amounts of seats allowing us to accommodate small groups or large corporate events.

One of the most important reasons to choose a privately chartered jet for this type of travel is that you can combine business and pleasure, making the trip well worth your while You can conduct the most private of business affairs aboard our jets with our personal guarantee of 100% confidentiality on all levels. This is also true for flights that are booked by Super Bowl fans who are out to live their dream of attending the greatest event in football.

Chapman Freeborn is your partner when it comes to air charter so give us a call at +1 (954) 202-0750 or email We look forward to helping you get to the game in the safest and most comfortable way possible so that every minute is one you will always remember.